It is Autumn and that means it is squash season. There are gourds a-plenty and aren’t they just beautiful?! I saw this recipe first on A Beautiful Mess and decided to make it soon, then I saw it on Hello, Scarlett and knew I had to make it that week. I’m a HUGE macaroni cheese fan and love how this is a slightly healthier kind of macaroni cheese. It is still cheesy and delicious but has one of your 5 a day in it too. I made the sauce for 4 people but enough pasta just for 2, so it was very saucy; there’s definitely enough sauce to serve 4 in this recipe though.


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Poison Apples

Well, Halloween is just around the corner and I love a bit of spooky, scary not so much, but spooky I am all over. Plus, I’m a sucker for a toffee apple. I saw these on Pinterest a while ago and decided Halloween would be the perfect time to make them! I am so pleased with how they came out, even if I accidentally didn’t put enough liquid glucose in and didn’t realised until I had dipped the apples and was washing up my cup measures. Ooops. I think that’s why the toffee was a little runny and pooled around the bottom so much. They were still tasty though. I’ve never made toffee apples before but thankfully they came out ok!

Toffee apple

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Apple & Ginger Bundt Cake with a Caramel Drizzle

I can only apologise for not posting this sooner, as it is a recipe that you undoubtedly need in your life. I found this recipe on tassy bakes and it was love at first sight. Thankfully, even after the initial honeymoon period, this cake and I are still going strong. It was heavenly, so moist and ten times better warm (even though it is delicious cold). When I made the cake, I was convinced something wasn’t right and that it would never cook because the mixture was so liquidy; low and behold though, the most delicious and moist (and cooked) cake came out of the oven 40 minutes later. It is no lie that I really love a bundt cake and this might just be my favourite; it is a very close call though, between this and almond bundt cake. Don’t even get me started on bundt tins! This cake is just too good to be true, the apple chunks, the divine ginger flavour, the almost syrup like, spiced flavour of the sponge. Mercy me, just make this cake right now please!

Apple ginger cake

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Bolognese Stuffed Pumpkin

Pumpkin season, it is here loud and proud and I am absolutely loving it. It is warm, snuggly, the perfect excuse for a myriad of pumpkin flavoured baked goods and clichés, and I can’t get enough of it. Whilst I’d love to eat pumpkin cakes, pies and various other treats all day long, sometimes one has to eat nutritional savoury food and here is pumpkin recipe for just that. I’ll share my Bolognese recipe here but feel free to use your own or substitute for anything else you might want to stuff your pumpkin with, chili con carne or perhaps a vegetarian option. There is something lovely about presenting a dinner whole, in its own skin.

Stuffed pumpkin

It’s not very pretty but it sure was delicious! I tend not to eat the skin and prefer the peel the flesh away once it is on the plate, it is perfectly edible though, should you desire to eat it.

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A day in the life…

This post is inspired by Emory of Hello, Scarlett and my love of nosing at other people’s lives (and fridges). I love these types of posts; seeing other blogger’s lives and my favourite blogs are those that show insights into other people’s lifestyles. As I said, I’m nosy. I’ve never written anything particularly personal on my blog, it is food blog and I’ve always been wary of using my blog as some sort of diary. I do hope though that there are enough personal tidbits to keep readers, who like me enjoy blogs with a personal element, happy. When Emory wrote her post, a blog I check daily like an old lady peaking through lace curtains (I think I’m only not classed a stalker because we’re on different continents), because I’m vicariously living through her as she and her husband build the most beautiful home together (seriously, read her blog and visit her store Potomac Trading Post, link on left hand side of my blog), she suggested  that I too write a day in the life post. Now, I’m under no illusions that my life is of particular interest to anyone, I work full time, commute 3 hours a day and need a lot of sleep but I thought it’d be fun to do a post about a day this weekend. I’m a non-stop person and I hate not being busy (with a love-hate relationship with being so busy all the time), I’m one of those awful people who when you ask ‘when are you free next?’ I’ll say ‘I can do Tuesday evening in 3 weeks time but I have to be asleep by 10pm and I’ll be home at about 6:45 pm'; nevertheless, my weekends are sacred and here is a snap shot of what I did with this Saturday:

I had a blissful 10 hours sleep on Friday night, this week has drained me like no other and after a tearful/overtired Thursday morning and making it, somehow but slightly zombified, to Friday night, my sister and I had dinner together (we live together), and each baked a cake. I baked a carrot cake and she baked an apple and Amaretto cake and then we went to bed at 10pm. The boys were away on a stag weekend so we both had our beds to ourselves, lovely! On the subject of my Mother Earth sister, she has started her own business and she is the jam queen.

Anyway, this brings us to Saturday morning. I slept until 9am, which is unheard of for me but much needed. I still had some granola left, so I had some of that whilst I read my book and then headed out for a beautiful 5km run in the beating sun, at 10am; crazy weather for October in England and I came back as red as a beetroot. These are the views from my run, the South East coast of the UK definitely has its moments. At some point during the morning I got a couple of loads of laundry done too.


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