Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, I’ve recently been wittering on about my birthday tea party and I would promise to stop but I won’t because I have too many recipes to share from it. When it comes to baked goods and I want inspiration or advice, I turn to Joy the Baker, she is fabulous and I love her feelings for butter. When it comes to cookies, you can’t beat chocolate chip and when looking for a recipe, I knew exactly where to go, to Joy; I chose brown butter chocolate chip cookies. I’ve never baked with brown butter, but I have been meaning to for a while. Joy gives a fantastic explanation in her recipe and I will try my best to write a clear one here too. I made these cookies with gluten free flour and they were still amazing. I imagine they’ll have a tad more chew if made with normal flour but gluten free people should definitely not feel hard done by when it comes to these babies.

Brown butter choc chip cookies

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Banoffee Pie

Banoffee is a weakness of mine, I manage to resist, just about, for most of the year because I am trying to eat less sugar and no gluten. You only have a birthday once a year though and boy, did I make the most of that excuse this year. I mentioned before that the savoury crown went to the Brioche Couronne; well, the sweet crown went to this Banoffee Pie. The stakes were high in the sweet department, it was competeing with a berry layer cake, spiced pumpkin patch cake, brown butter chocolate chip cookies, s’mores brownies and sour cream strawberry ice cream (recipes to follow).  It won fairly and squarely though, everyone kept saying how good it was and requesting the receipe. I feel some what cheated when it comes to this banoffee pie, it goes against a lot of my ‘home made is best’ principles but it was just too good not to share the recipe; even if you do have to buy digestive biscuits to make the base and use condensed milk to make the caramel/toffee. A word of warning, to make the caramel you need to boil the tins of condensed milk for 2.5 hours, factor this into you preparation time! Or, do it the day/weekend before.


Banoffee slice

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Parma Ham, Mozzarella & Basil Brioche Couronne

I hosted a belated birthday tea party this weekend. It was all I could have wanted and more, in celebration of being another year older; I cooked up a storm and had friends and family around to eat it all. We had an absolute feast! Recipes from a few of the things will be making there way to you, just hold tight! The savoury crown (no pun intended) was given to this baby, a savoury brioche couronne. This particular one was made by my lovely man, it is a favourite of ours and I hate to say, he does a far better job of it than me. He always does when it comes to bread; irritating, given I showed him how to make it in the first place! Anyway, I secretly am glad he is so good at baking bread, as this was to die for. Everyone at the party kept saying how gorgeous it was, and kept going back for seconds, thirds and even fourths! It would be criminal not to share the recipe. It is a recipe from the bread master himself, Paul Hollywood.


I’ll give you a couple of seconds just to bask in the glory of this bread…

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Honey Mustard Chicken

I have to say, I’ve always been a honey mustard chicken fan. My uni cafe used to do a great honey mustard chicken panini in my first year but then they changed the menu, it was a sad day. It isn’t a dish I’ve ever really tried to make before and I’m not really sure why. However, rest assured I will be making this again, and again, after having it for dinner last night. I was very pleasantly surprised by just how tasty it was; it is one of my favourite home cooked dinners that I’ve had recently. I paired it with mustard mash and corn on the cob, it was a real comfort food night. The best part is that it is super easy to make. It is easiest made in a skillet or oven proof heavy bottomed pan. If you don’t have one then just begin the process in a frying pan and transfer the contents to an oven proof dish, e.g. a casserole dish, for the oven part of proceedings. I found the recipe via Pinterest.


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Chocolate Chip Ooey Gooey Muffins

I’ve spent the last week away on a relaxing holiday, after a summer of dashing here, there and everywhere, every weekend; which, don’t get me wrong, was lovely. I got to see so many places and spend quality time with loved ones. All summer though, I’ve been counting down to spending a couple of days at Disney Paris with treasured friends, followed by a week in Scotland with James and his lovely family. I spent my birthday in Scotland (the day of the independence vote results!) and it couldn’t have been lovelier. I was completely spoilt. All that being said, this left little time for cooking new recipes and blogging. Fear not though, this week has a few new savoury dishes on the cards, followed by a belated birthday tea party this weekend; featuring my new, beautiful cake tin and many other sweet things.

These muffins are simple, quick and easy and inspired by James’ brother; not because he is any of those things but because when asked what he wanted me to bake, he replied with “chocolate chip muffins that have a melty bit in the middle”. Forgive me, if you will, for cheating and opting for ganache in the middle, as opposed to a complicated bake involving gooey middled choc chip muffins, I was on holiday and wanted something simple to bake.

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