Christmas Gift Guide for the bookworm in your life

I love reading, I wish I made/had more time to read. Reading is my TV, I’d so much rather sit and read instead of watching TV but actually I very, very rarely just sit. I’m a bookworm wanna-be with a to-read pile taller than I am. I have admiration for ‘real’ bookworms, those people who you rarely see their face because there is a book in front of it. Whatever scale of a wann-be-to-faceless your book loving friend is, here’s a list of Christmas gift inspiration.

I have adored this bookmark for well over a year now, this hippo needs a book to wallow in, why not give it a home?

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Christmas Gift Guide for the gardener in your life

Gardeners, for me they are an alien bunch but there are a fair few in my family and as such, over the years, I’ve managed to find a few gifting gems.

I feel like presents are all the better if they are things people would love to own but would never buy for themselves. That’s how I feel that copper gardening tools fit into the gardening tool world (a world in which I have zero experience). Implementations makes some beautiful, good quality copper gardening tools.



Do they also like cycling? This bike planter means they can take a little bit of the garden with them where ever they go.

Geometric Bike Planter, in Bright Yellow: Wearable Planter

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Christmas Gift Guide for the foodie in your life

I come from a family of foodies and given that I write a food blog you’d be right in assuming that I am one too. Are you a foodie surrounded by other foodies and stumped for gift ideas? Or, are you completely disinterested in food but know someone who’s entire life revolves around cooking and eating it? Then look no further, Christmas is sussed.

This tiered cake stand is utterly beautiful, available at Oliver Bonas, it is white marble and copper perfection, swoon.

Double Tiered Marble Cake Stand


These M&S cake tins are so eye catching and I adore the scalloped edges.

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The Awkward Friend Gift Guide..

To kick start a series of gift guides for Christmas this year I thought I’d start with this one. We all have friends who we just don’t know what they want, or would like, or they like things that are different but that you’d never guess in a million years. Well, I am hoping this will go some way to help; here are my favourite internet finds that will hopefully inspire you to find your awkward friend the perfect Christmas gift.

For the introvert:


I love everything ever made by Stay At Home Club, the club that never meets but makes clothing and accessories for the reclusive and disgruntled. My favourite top is pictured above and I have more of their patches than I’d care to admit.

For the metal head:


I recently stumbled across these guys, Hallow Society, and my wish list is SO long, when pay day comes I will be placing a big order (although perhaps the pay day after Christmas). I love this sweater, it is a collaboration with Bloody Mary Metal (another site worth checking out for Christmas gifts). I also love that all of Hallow Society’s tee slogans are on the back, why does no one do this anymore?! I really struggle with slogans being on the front of tops (don’t ask why, I don’t even know) but I love them being on the back.

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2015 films, the third quarter

This post is hideously late in the year but I want to make sure I do one for each quarter of the year. Our Cinema trips were few and far between in the third quarter of 2015 but it did contain one of my favourite films of 2015, Inside Out.

Ant-Man (2015) Poster

Ant Man

We went to see this film because we love the Marvel films and didn’t want to miss one. Having seen the trailer I wasn’t that excited about seeing it. I should have had faith thoug, it turned out to be on of my favourite films that Marvel have made, it had so much more of everything than I had expected (and some interesting physics which I let slide, it was a  fun idea). Grab the DVD and watch it if you haven’t already, you’re missing out. (8/10)


Inside Out (2015) Poster

Inside Out

I think this is most probably my absolute favourite film of the year. I wanted to see it because it was Disney PIXAR but going into the cinema having seen the trailer (which gave away none of the story line) I was blown away by how clever, insightful and just purely brilliant this film was. I literally sobbed my heart out, it touched a nerve of mine, but I still loved every second of it. If you haven’t seen it or think that it is for kids, it really has a whole other grown up level to it. PLEASE PLEASE watch this film if you haven’t. (10/10)


Fantastic Four (2015) PosterFantastic Four.

I don’t really know what went wrong here. Visually it was stunning, the story line was good, the actors were good, I believed it all but something was missing. Film nerds will, I am sure, be able to tell me but as a general cinema go-er, it just missed something, or perhaps many things. (5/10)

Mason Jar Pot Noodle

I was stuck for lunch ideas again the past weekend and James suggested using my lunch jars and making something with noodles. It turns out these are really easy and surprisingly tasty. I had a boiled egg with mine, inspired by Wagamama’s tea stained egg.


There are very few measured ingredients in this, it is a throw it all in the pot kind of recipe.

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Thai Pasta

I know there is nothing Thai about pasta but when I spotted a jar of fresh coriander pesto in the supermarket the other day it brought back so many good food memories (I used to LOVE the stuff as a kid), that I just had to buy it. I was wondering if I could do something slightly different with it than just pasta with pesto, so I decided to create a dish inspired by Thai flavours (pasta inspired with Thai flavours was too wordy a title for this post). The danger of blogging, for me anyway, is a little too much planning what you’ll cook and I miss being able to decide on the day with what’s in the fridge/freezer and create a meal (it isn’t just blogging, a too-long-for-my-liking commute and the expense of shopping daily (as oppposed to weekly) are also factors) but tonight I just winged it, and it was delish! So here is a quick and easy pasta dish with a Thai twist.

Thai Pasta

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