Sticky Ribs

Hello! We’re back from our amazing once in a life time holiday to Orlando, Florida, where we did Disney, Universal (Harry Potter!!), met the Beast and Pocahontas and watched a rocket launch into space. It was magical. Getting back to reality has been difficult but I’ve been meaning to share this recipe for ribs (and craving them) for a while now. The recipe is one by Jennifer Perillo of ‘In Jennie’s Kitchen‘, from her book ‘Homemade with Love‘ and it is totally a keeper. I made it for the first ‘dinner party’ that we hosted in our new home and the only problem was that I wish I’d bought more ribs, I could have eaten them all night, so delicious and tender. The meat just fell off the bone and they tasted divine. Don’t be put off by the ingredients list, they really are quite simple but need to be prepared in advance.


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Drop Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie

If you don’t have Jennifer Perillo’s book ‘Homemade with Love’ you should really add in to your collection (Jennie of In Jennie’s Kitchen an incredible food blog and one of my favourite food writers). The prelude to this recipe brought a tear to my eye and I love how emotive food is to her. I made this for dinner when we had a friend round for dinner and it was the perfect Friday night comfort food. Golly I love drop biscuits. This recipe has been on my make soon list for about 2 years, I am so glad to have finally made it and sad that I waited so long.

Drop biscuit pie

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Pizza Base

I’ve made this base a few times for James and it has come out beautifully every time, so I thought I should share it with you all! I found the recipe on the BBC Good Food website, it is great because you don’t have to leave the dough to rise if you don’t have the time. The recipe is just the base, add some passata (I like to add olive oil, fresh basil and garlic to mine) and the toppings of your choice. The pizza below has bacon, chorizo and the remnants of a cheese board on it. It was delicious!


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Marmalade Cake

A colleague at work is leaving soon and given that I am currently on holiday in Orlando (this is a scheduled post, I am far too busy being excited at Disney to be blogging), I will miss her leaving party; I decided to bring a cake in to try and make up for it. I had a beautiful jar of Ma DQ’s home made marmalade (a best friend’s mum’s) that needed using up and making it the prime ingredient in a cake seemed a good way to do it. A quick Google found me this Nigel Slater recipe.

Marmalade cake2


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Bean & Chard Soup

Lunch in the week is always a difficult meal for me to sort out. I usually make a batch of something Sunday night for the week ahead but I like something that I can heat up at work, is healthy, filling and not too time consuming to make. I turned to Gwyneth Paltrow for inspiration and she definitely delivered. This soup is filling, quick, tasty and contains one of my favourite vegetables: Chard! This recipe is from her book ‘It’s All Good’, it is my new favourite lunch for work. I urge you to try it.

Bean and chard soup

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Lazy Pork Ramen

I love Wagamamas. I was always a ginger chicken udon kind of girl but then I discovered their pork ramen and I was hooked. It was the tea stained egg and the crispiness of the pork that made me try it and my gosh it is delicious. I was craving it this weekend and looked up a recipe. The recipe I found was very long and involved with 12 hours to make stock and 3 hours to roast pork. I couldn’t be doing with it (even thought I am sure if you have the time it is totally worth it) so I used it as an inspiration but totally changed it. This is my cheat’s ramen recipe and it hit the spot. It wasn’t quite Wagamamas but it was damn tasty.


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Crispy Cajun Chicken Bites (GF)

Happy Easter! I’ve been lacking on the seasonal recipe front but I have seen some delicious recipes around, like Jenn’s hot cross scones.

These babies are gluten free which is a bonus because I LOVE crispy chicken, whether it be breadcrumbs or other coatings. These are so simple and are made with store cupboard staples, the perfect lazy dinner option. If Cajun isn’t your thing you can swap for any spices you’d prefer.

Cajun bites

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