My New Year’s Resolution

Flavour of the week: Hazelnut

(It just HAS to be because this is week one and, well, I called my blog Noisette. My love for all things hazelnut will become apparent VERY quickly.

Currently reading: The Undomestic Goddess – Sophie Kinsella

(I understand the irony of starting a food blog whilst reading a book with this title but just roll with it)


So here it is, the very first post. Starting a food blog was my new year’s resolution, whilst I know it is already February I just wanted to make sure I had a done a little bit of planning and preparation. Like all other foodies and food bloggers I just live to eat, I love eating and I love food. I eat, sleep and breathe food and most of the day is spent waiting for my next meal. So as many have before me I decided I wanted to share this passion in the hopes I will be able to inspire someone out there, the way the food blogs I love to read inspire me. I am no expert when it comes to cooking, I just know it brings me more joy than most things, as does the weekly food shop; as I say, I really love food. Don’t even get me started on local farm shops.


These food blogs I love so much are:

There are and will be many more but these are my personal favourites at the moment. Over the next few weeks I will post about each of these blogs, why I love them and my favourite recipe so far.


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