Banana Porridge

Flavour of the moment: Maple syrup.

My favourite of all the syrups, if something is as equally amazing with pancakes as it is with bacon then it must be divine.

Before I get into banana porridge, the creamiest and best off all the porridges in my opinion, I must first climb upon my soap box and talk to you about ripe bananas. Yellow bananas are not ripe bananas, bananas with freckles at the point most people bin them are ripe bananas. Unless the entire skin is black then in my eyes they aren’t ready to be cooked. Once bananas have freckles they have broken all the starch down, making them sweeter and better for you. I can’t stand throwing food away, especially fruit, when there are so  many creative ways to preserve it, jams, cakes, pies and porridge! Banana cake is a weakness of mine but that Christmas weight is still hanging about on my hips so I’ve opted for a slightly healthier use of very ripe bananas and popped them in a porridge. Just in case my point about bananas isn’t clear, see below a photo of my just ripe bananas that was taken 4 days ago, they are still edible and I am still taking them to work for lunch. I have two even older bananas though that really were ready to be used up, so I made a batch of banana porridge ready for the next couple of days.


Right, just getting off my soap box and onwards with the recipe. This is a recipe that I ‘made up’ as much as anyone can make up a recipe for porridge.

Serves 1:

  • 50 g oats
  • 200 ml of hazelnut milk (or almond milk, cows milk, water, any combination to give 200 ml of fluid, more if you like thinner porridge)
  • 1 very ripe banana
  • chopped hazelnuts (optional, or any other topping you like)
  • maple syrup (or coconut sugar, any other sugar or syrup you have in the cupboard)
  1. Heat the oats and milk in a sauce pan on a medium/high heat, stir.
  2. Whilst the porridge is cooking mash the banana with a fork in a bowl.
  3. Once the porridge has reached the desired consistency ( I personally like very thick porridge) mix in the banana.
  4. Stir the banana through whilst heating for a minute and then transfer your porridge into a bowl and sprinkle with your toppings of choice.

Banana porridge


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