Gammon and roasted veg picnic loaf.

Flavour of the week: Honey mustard. Technically two I know but the honey, maple and mustard glaze I put on the gammon I roasted a few weeks ago was divine (don’t get picky, I know that is even worse at THREE flavours). 

Several weeks ago I cooked a roast for my family and in keeping with family tradition there was far too much food. I froze some of the left over gammon knowing that in a few weeks I’d be making a picnic loaf for a long drive to see my grandparents (tomorrow! I can’t wait). I was inspired by Paul Hollywood, though I used a different bread recipe (of his) than he does and different filling, so I changed everything but he was still the inspiration. I decided to make his Rye and Spelt Loaf recipe, which is a lovely tasty bread but requires forethought as you need to leave the ‘sponge’ to ferment overnight (delightful). I added a dash of honey to the dough to tie in with the honey mustard gammon (Mum’s recipe, which I’ll HAVE to share one day). I took out the middle of the loaf (baked and turned into breadcrumbs) and filled it with layers of roasted peppers, courgettes and gammon. It is sliced up and ready to be eaten at convenient stops along the way on my journey with my lovely man (who appears to be more excited by the loaf than the holiday currently). 


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