Oodles of zoodles.

Flavour of the week: Basil. Oh golly how I love basil, and all basil related food. Strawberry and basil lemonade, pesto on toast, it really is the bees knees of herbs. Except coriander, nothing beats coriander.

Currently reading: 80/10/10 Diet by Douglas Graham. I am only two chapters in but it is about (in a nutshell) eating a plant-based diet. More to come as I read more of it.

What are zoodles I hear you ask, well they are zucchini (courgette, but coodles doesn’t sound anywhere near as cool) noodles. They are a fantastic healthy, low fat alternative to pasta, for days when you are really trying to be good, or just fancy a huge plate of vegetables as often happens with me. Zoodles are made using a spiralizer, spiralizers are great for creative cooking with vegetables and save so much time when shredding cabbage if you don’t have a food processor with relevant attachments. ImageI lightly cooked these in a pan with garlic, a green pepper and then added a small portion of cooked quinoa for protein. Then I added a generous tablespoon of pesto and sat down to enjoy my green feast. It was so fresh and delicious.


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