Hazelnut Milk

Flavour of the century: Noisette, noisette, noisette. Always noisette.

It is the bane of my weekly shop having to trek across town to a well known supermarket just to buy hazelnut milk. As such when ‘Homemade with Love – Jennifer Perillo‘ arrived in my life (and completely changed it, yes I feel that strongly) with a recipe for homemade cashew milk and various nut butters I was just in equally amounts awe and nirvana. I assumed nut milks were nut milks and that simply switching cashews for hazelnuts would do the trick, and thankfully it does. Armed with the most abominably cute milk bottles I set to work.

hazelnut milk

Makes 750ml, requires cheesecloth.


  • 200g of hazelnuts
  • 750ml of filtered water


  1. Add the nuts and water to a blender and blend for about 5 minutes until smooth.
  2. Set a strainer over a large bowl of jug and line with cheesecloth.
  3. Pass the liquid through the strainer, a spatula will help this, discard the solids (I am keeping hold of mine for various hazelnut creations) and repeat twice more.
  4. Store the milk in an airtight container for up to a week and enjoy!


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