Watermelon Coolers

This last week/last two weekends have been manic with essential, unplanned home improvements. Let’s leave it at that or we’ll be here all night. However, James and I got away to London on Saturday and it was exactly what we needed. We spent a lovely afternoon at a cookery course (curries, so expect a few of those) and then went for dinner at Rabot 1745, the Hotel Chocolat restaurant. It has been on my bucket list since I heard that they were opening a restaurant and I loved every mouthful and second we spent there.

On Sunday, real life hit us with a bang and we spent the day scrubbing, moving furniture and moving back into our bedroom. We had a big family afternoon planned so we headed over to see the family around 3 pm for a lovely Sunday meal. We got back to more unpacking and I needed a pick me up, but a healthy one. I also needed freezer space, and as such removed the big tub of frozen watermelon from it earlier that afternoon. I picked some fresh mint from mum’s garden and when we got home, the watermelon was semi-defrosted and cold. I present you, watermelon coolers:

watermelon cooler


  • A blender full of frozen (semi-defrosted) watermelon
  • Several handfuls of mint leaves


Place all your ingredients into the blender, blitz until smooth and pour into glasses to enjoy! A simple, refreshing summer treat.

5 thoughts on “Watermelon Coolers

    • You’re more than welcome. Let me know if you enjoy it, I absolutely loved it and the cafe below. Hands down the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted. Such a great location too, Borough Market!

  1. Mmm these look amazing, I’m really jealous! I’ve been getting into blending and smoothie-ing a lot recently but I only have a lame handmixer so I’m somewhat limited.

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