A day in the life…

This post is inspired by Emory of Hello, Scarlett and my love of nosing at other people’s lives (and fridges). I love these types of posts; seeing other blogger’s lives and my favourite blogs are those that show insights into other people’s lifestyles. As I said, I’m nosy. I’ve never written anything particularly personal on my blog, it is food blog and I’ve always been wary of using my blog as some sort of diary. I do hope though that there are enough personal tidbits to keep readers, who like me enjoy blogs with a personal element, happy. When Emory wrote her post, a blog I check daily like an old lady peaking through lace curtains (I think I’m only not classed a stalker because we’re on different continents), because I’m vicariously living through her as she and her husband build the most beautiful home together (seriously, read her blog and visit her store Potomac Trading Post, link on left hand side of my blog), she suggested  that I too write a day in the life post. Now, I’m under no illusions that my life is of particular interest to anyone, I work full time, commute 3 hours a day and need a lot of sleep but I thought it’d be fun to do a post about a day this weekend. I’m a non-stop person and I hate not being busy (with a love-hate relationship with being so busy all the time), I’m one of those awful people who when you ask ‘when are you free next?’ I’ll say ‘I can do Tuesday evening in 3 weeks time but I have to be asleep by 10pm and I’ll be home at about 6:45 pm’; nevertheless, my weekends are sacred and here is a snap shot of what I did with this Saturday:

I had a blissful 10 hours sleep on Friday night, this week has drained me like no other and after a tearful/overtired Thursday morning and making it, somehow but slightly zombified, to Friday night, my sister and I had dinner together (we live together), and each baked a cake. I baked a carrot cake and she baked an apple and Amaretto cake and then we went to bed at 10pm. The boys were away on a stag weekend so we both had our beds to ourselves, lovely! On the subject of my Mother Earth sister, she has started her own business and she is the jam queen.

Anyway, this brings us to Saturday morning. I slept until 9am, which is unheard of for me but much needed. I still had some granola left, so I had some of that whilst I read my book and then headed out for a beautiful 5km run in the beating sun, at 10am; crazy weather for October in England and I came back as red as a beetroot. These are the views from my run, the South East coast of the UK definitely has its moments. At some point during the morning I got a couple of loads of laundry done too.


Run 2

A friend arrived at 12pm for some tuition. They wanted me to tutor them for a maths exam coming up and also tuition on how to make a Bakewell tart, to impress ‘the parents’ when he goes to meet them. We did a solid 3.5 hours of maths revision, well I say solid, it was broken up by various stages of tart making and a quick lunch, over a 5 hour period. Before all of that though we sat down with a pot of tea and a slice of carrot cake.

Carrot slice

That evening my mum, 3 of my sisters and I went to Pizza Hut (the little sisters’ choice) for dinner. Luckily they have a pretty tasty gluten free base now and of course, the unlimited salad bar. I had a BBQ Americano, gluten free with extra peppers and it was so good! Pizza Hut would not be my first choice of pizzeria but it was tasty and it is who you’re with that matters most anyway. It was a rare treat for us girlies to have some ‘girl-time’ whilst the boys were away being stags. My mum’s wedding is next month you see.

We *my big sister and I) got back home at 8:30 pm, I’d picked up my food shop (click & collect to save some time) on the way to Pizza Hut and we popped into the shop too to snag some large pumpkins. There is an unholy number of squash and pumpkins in this house at the moment. I mean, at least 25. Tonight I’ll be stuffing a crown prince squash with Bolognese for dinner. I am pretty excited about that.

Once I’d unpacked the shopping, I sorted through some holiday photographs (Disney Paris with friends) to be printed and sat in front of the TV to do some blogging, whilst my sister peeled approximately a million (small exaggeration) little onions, ready for pickling. If anyone questions the prices of these jars of homemade pickled onions that my sister sells then I shall beg them to think about how much time and how many tears (pesky onions) went in to making them!

I had illusions of reading my book that night in bed but my eyes just wouldn’t stay open. I’m reading a book called ‘Hiroshima Nagaski‘ at the moment and I’m really enjoying it; enjoying seems the wrong word to use in such a harrowing subject matter but being both a physicist and small-time war time history nerd it is a book that I am finding fascinating. The next book I am eager to get my hands on is called ‘Ravensbruck’. I’m completely ashamed to say that it was a concentration camp I had not even heard of until I reading ‘Rose Under Fire‘ a harrowing story, based on a lot of fact, of life at Ravensbruck from many different perspectives. I discovered the author, Elizabeth Wein, after reading ‘Code Name Verity‘, which I highly recommend reading first as some of the characters follow into ‘Rose Under Fire’. Both are based around female ATA pilots during the second world war but that is just one tiny element in books that quite literally floored me with that exquisite way of twisting stories together and making it such a compelling way of teaching people the horrors and atrocities of the second world war, in a way that is relatable and human.

On a much lighter note, fridges. There is a magazine, I can’t remember which, that conducts an interview with whichever celebrity but then takes a photo of what is inside there fridge. This was always my favourite part; I absolutely love learning about other people’s attitudes to food and what they keep in their fridge, as well as what their store cupboard staples are. I thought I’d do the same thing here, just in case fridges float anyone else’s boat!


In my fridge at all times, I like to have:

  • Lots of vegetables
  • Plain yogurt
  • Some fresh herbs, usually basil
  • Gold top milk
  • Coconut water

When it comes to store cupboard staples, mine are:

  • Butter, at room temperature
  • Eggs, at room temperature
  • Flour (gluten free)
  • Two bars of dark chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Paprika
  • Cocoa powder
  • Garlic
  • Lemons
  • An orange or two
  • Onions
  • Coconut oil
  • Tinned tomatoes

That is far too much about me, I’d love to see some more day in the life posts from other bloggers out there! Happy Sunday everyone 🙂


4 thoughts on “A day in the life…

  1. Holly,

    This is just the best post ever. I love how you took a leap of faith and turned it into a diary! While a little unnerving at times, I personally find that it helps readers connect more with the authors of that particular blog. Sometimes, it’s needed.

    Your day sounded both incredibly busy and eventful! I loved it! I also love the plugs for your sister and myself. I didn’t know that I had a stalker on my hands. I feel flattered. :-)))

    I especially liked the peek into your fridge and cupboards. What a nice touch. I think that you’ll be starting your own movements on WordPress.

    Thank you for participating!! Happy Sunday!!


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