Cardamon & Saffron and Rosemary Infused Gins.

I’m taking a quick break in my Christmas gift hamper series of posts to share this one with you because there is just enough time to make these before Christmas day. A bottle of infused gin would make a lovely gift. Sadly fruit infused alcohol takes many months but when using spices or herbs, you can get away with just a few days. Here I’ve chosen gin but I imagine you could used most spirits, vodka being the obvious choice. I’m a gin girl though, always (even if I drink once in a blue moon, usually Christmas day). I chose to make these two flavours as I’m a huge rosemary fan and I also love cardamom. I was originally just going to make it saffron gin because it is a beautiful colour but when I spotted a recipe for cardamom and saffron, I couldn’t think of a better combination. I didn’t end up using that recipe but I was definitely sold on the flavour. The other flavour that caught my eye was Earl Grey Gin/Vodka, the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. I didn’t make that one though, this year.


If you start today then they will be ready before Christmas Eve! The cardamom and saffron gin is the bottle on the right and the rosemary gin, the one on the left.

Rosemary Gin


  • ~750 ml of gin (or another alcohol of your choice)
  • A few of sprigs of fresh rosemary, washed


  1. Choose the bottle you want to keep your gin in and place the rosemary in the bottle.
  2. Fill the bottle up with alcohol and place in a cupboard for at least 3 days. Shake/mix it up daily.
  3. Remove the rosemary (carefully fish it out or decant your alcohol into a jug and remove the rosemary) and then pour it back into the bottle, a funnel is very useful here.
  4. Seal the bottle back up and your are done. It is as simple as that. You might with to top your bottle up with normal gin, so that it looks completely full.

Cardamom and Saffron Gin:


  • ~750 ml of gin (or another alcohol of your choice)
  • I tbsp of cardamom seeds
  • 1 clove
  • 1 bayleaf
  • 1 pinch of saffron
  • Cheese cloth and/or a fine mesh sieve


  1. This can either be made is a very large air tight jar/container and then strained into your bottle of choice (to remove all the spices) or made in your final bottle and then decanted and strained back into the bottle. Place your gin/alcohol into your container of choice and add the cardamom seeds, clove and bay leaf.
  2. Store in your airtight container in a cupboard for 3 days. Shake/mix it daily.
  3. Add the saffron and then turn it upside down and back up a few times to mix it in well (with the lid on of course!) and leave for at least another day, to turn a beautiful yellow colour. You can leave it longer if you’d like.
  4. Pour your beautifully infused alcohol through a sieve with a couple of layers of cheesecloth in it (cheesecloth not essential), into your bottle, ideally through a funnel too.
  5. Seal and enjoy! Again you can top up your bottle with normal gin, to make it look completely full, if you’d like

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