Rosemary Salt

On the subject of infusing flavours into things (see my infused gin post from the other day), we arrive at the last item that made it into this years Christmas gift hampers; rosemary salt. Rosemary is officially my third favourite herb, with coriander winning first prize and basil being a very close second, which might sound like I don’t like it that much, but honestly, I love the stuff. I love making lemon, garlic and rosemary roast potatoes and I’ve already mentioned infusing gin with rosemary; I bet that makes a deliciously gin and tonic, especially with a slice of cucumber. I’ll let you know! I wanted to put something in my hampers that stuck around a little longer than Christmas itself and would be useful throughout the year; this seemed the perfect option. It is easy to make and makes a lovely gift in a cute jar. This method was a little different to the basil salt that I made earlier in the year, in which you grind the fresh basil and salt up together and then roast the lot; this is more of a subtle flavour infusion (that word again!).


Musical pairing: Dear Rosemary – Foo Fighters.

I have almost exclusively listened to the Foo Fighters since their new album came out. I love the musical journey it represents and I have been completely hooked on the documentary series that they filmed to go along with it; documenting musical culture and heritage in 8 US cities. The song above is from a previous album but it is one of my favourites of theirs.


  • Sea salt, I used 700 g to fill 6 spice jars
  • Several springs of rosemary, I used 4-5 large sprigs


  1. Place the salt and rosemary in a saucepan and heat through on a medium-high heat for about ten minutes. Stir every now and then.
  2. Leave the salt to cool in the pan for a 15-30 minutes and then place in an airtight container, still with the rosemary.
  3. Leave at least overnight but 24+ hours would be best.
  4. Remove the rosemary and bottle/jar as desired. You may wish to add a fresh sprig of rosemary to the jar for decoration.

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