Christmas Gift Hampers

Every year I like to make gift hampers for my nearest and dearest; home made gifts are one way of adding a personal touch to your gift giving and I think it is nice to give food instead of wasting money on something they might not want and will clutter up their house, if you aren’t sure what to get someone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for any kind of gift, it is after all the thought that counts, but when all else fails, everyone has to eat, right?! This year my hampers contained boozy truffles (Cointreau and Brandy versions), gingerbread, peacekeeper cookies, mini Christmas cakes, mini Christmas chocolate puds, and rosemary salt.


Here are some pictures of the boxes I found to put the bits and bobs in and how I wrapped each item. I finished it all off with some lovely festive ribbon I spotted online. I bought all the boxes, bags, jars and ribbon on eBay, my favourite place to snag a bargain.


Here they are all wrapped up and ready for delivery:


I often spot recipes throughout the year that I’d like to add to the next lot of hampers, which I add to a secret board in Pinterest, along with ideas I’ve had/inspiration I’ve seen. I’m already excited about next year’s, some thoughts I’ve had are individual loaf cakes, jams, fudge, caramels, cookie/cake mix in a jar, natural beauty products such as home made lip balm and soaps, or perhaps a home made tree decoration?! There are so many lovely things I’d like to make but having the time to do them is difficualt and you have to be realistic about what you can actually achieve in the time. It is important to remember that your friends and family won’t want you to be sleep deprived and stressed trying to get everything made; I keep telling myself this and had to let jam slide this year. I had one failed jam attempt and didn’t have time to make a new batch. I’ll keep hold of the jars for next year though!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Hampers

  1. Making gift boxes is so much fun, your boxes look wonderful. I love how you wrapped everything and your boxes and ribbon are so classic and perfect. The recipients are going to love their gifts. Happy Holidays to you and yours I hope you have a very joyous day!!

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