Upcycle your Christmas cards!

Christmas is a magical time of year but I also feel that there is a lot of waste and also a lot of expense. Gifts alone can cost a lot of money and I think anyway we can save some money and help the environment is a good thing. I got so many beautiful Christmas cards this year and the thought of throwing them away seemed wasteful and sad (the sentimental in me wishes I could keep all the special ones). So, I decided to cut them up to make gift tags ready for next year. I like to wrap Christmas presents in brown paper and a colour gift tag makes a nice addition. Larger cards can be trimmed or cut into several smaller gift cards, whilst smaller cards just need the back half cutting off and you have a ready made tag! Once you’re done, you can recycle the left overs. It is nice to think that those beautiful cards people took the time write to us are given a second lease of life next year. Here are this year’s cards, ready and waiting to be next year’s gift tags:


This is especially easy if you have a guillotine but if you don’t, scissors will of course do the job. Get creative, tags definitely don’t have to be square! If possible, I like to cut larger cards into several tags, as can be seen from the three robin gift tags in the top right corner.

2 thoughts on “Upcycle your Christmas cards!

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by! I really do think they make lovely looking tags too, I will never understand people who think home made isn’t as good as something shop bought. I think the complete opposite.

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