MRI fruit and giveaway winner!

Here’s the giveaway winner announcement post, but first let’s talk about fruit. As part of my training and to complete a competency about the effects of different settings on an MRI scanner, we scanned a selection of fruit. Fruit are ideal to use because they have a high water content (essential for a good MRI image) and it means some poor volunteer doesn’t have to lay in the scanner for hours on end whilst we fiddle about with the settings; it is noisy in there! This is one of my favourite pictures of that day and I’m going to have it printed and framed for my kitchen. Here’s the lovely picture:


An apple, banana, pomegranate and orange. Cool, right?!

And here is the competition winner (with email address and surname strategically removed):

Photo 25-01-2015 15 56 41

Congratulations Eloise, I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me! I’ve emailed you regarding delivery of your gift 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone, we has a delicious roast chicken for dinner tonight!

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