Valentine’s Gift Ideas, For Him

Valentines is 8 days away, that gives us just over a week to go and get those presents sorted. I know it can be commercial but I am all for an excuse for the world to show a little more love, even if it is just for one day. There is so much of the opposite to love going on out there at the moment and in the cold winter months with even bleaker news, let’s do all we can to bring some smiles to the faces of those we love and adore. Here are 10 ideas for gifts you could buy him this Valentine’s day; even if nothing on this list appeals, I always find gift idea lists a great source of inspiration!

  1.  A keyring stamped with the coordinates of where you first met:
  2. keyringIs he a lover of ice cream? How about these his and hers spoons!His Ice Cream and Her Ice Cream Spoon set. Vintage hand stamped silverware by milk & honey.
  3. How about a love note engraved into a credit card sized piece of metal? He can carry it with him where ever he goes, especially if you’re a long distance couple. Or even a wallet to go with it!
  4. Is he a science nerd (the best kind of guys in my opinion, but I am a bit biased), how about this solar system soap? Awesome and useful:PREorder / Outer Space Artisan Soap / SHIPS Feb 9 / Cold Process Soap / Mens Soap / Scented Soap / galaxy constellation
  5. Is he addicted to coffee or hot chocolate? How about a gift card for his favourite coffee shop so that he can treat himself whilst out and about? Does he love doughnuts, cookies or a certain restaurant, if so what about a gift card for there?
  6. You could treat him to a nice bottle of men’s eau de toilette/aftershave. I’ve always love this bottle but other favourites of mine for men include Davidoff Adventure and Givenchy Pi.Artisan by John Varvatos Eau de Toilette Spray 125ml
  7. Does he love comic books? How about a framed print:Amazing Spider-Man Family No.2 Cover: Spider-Man Art Print
  8. Or some comic themed shoes? Converse have a DC range and Vans have a Marvel range:Chuck Taylor DC Comics Batman larkspur
  9. How about baking him his favourite cake, cookies or making him some chocolates? Home made is always such a lovely thoughtful gift. I made these Oreo Cheesecake Truffles for James at Christmas. They were a definite hit. Or perhaps some boozy truffles, cheesecake brownies or banoffee pie?Oreo Cheesecake Truffles
  10. And finally the card, the great thing about Etsy/the internet in general is that there are now endless amusing, sentimental or personalised cards available that we are no longer bound by the vomit inducing poetic cards found in card shops. Here are a few of my favourite finds:Valentine Card- Funny I Love you card- I Love Your GutsYou're Sweet like Bee Vomit A1 Card with envelopeRaptor dinosaur funny Valentines Day card, I love you card, wedding cardHarry Potter Valentine, Funny, Geeky Valentine's Day card, Chosen One

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