2015 films, the first quarter:

The length of writing post on every film I went to the cinema to see in 2014, led me to thinking that cutting it down into quarterly editions might be a better idea; it also gives you time to go and watch them all. It is an eclectic bunch this quarter but it very much mirrors my film tastes. Have you seen any of these this year? Let me know what you think!

Taken 3

1) Taken 3

It ends here! The final of the Taken trio and it does not disappoint. Bryan Mills is accused of a murder he didn’t commit and one thing leads to another (as they always do in Taken) and, surprise surprise, his daughter’s life is in danger. Everything is against Bryan, but what’s new?! He’s got a very particular set of skills to deal with just that. There is a double crossing, betrayal and an almost switched on police force, with Forest Whitaker in charge; he’s great and so is Liam Neeson. I love a good action film and this is a solid 8/10.

Theory2) The Theory of Everything

A biopic about Stephen Hawking, incredibly executed. The acting was sublime and the story told in a beautifully sensitive way. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones give a breath-taking performance and it deserves every single award it will undoubtedly receive (and has since writing this, received). Having a degree in physics, I’d like to have seen a little more emphasis on the physics but that’s just me. I would give this a 9/10 though, it was incredible. It might have been more, had I not seen The Imitation Game the month before I saw this.

Into the Woods (2014) Poster3) Into The Woods film version of the musical that twists together many a fairy tale. The cast looked great, the trailer looked great, even the film was visually great. That being said I didn’t love the film at all and I left the cinema disappointed. I took my younger sisters who did enjoy it. There were a few funny scenes, the princes’ scene definitely being my favourite, our local castle (Dover) being used as a set was great to see. I thought the twist at the end made the rest of the story invalid, which was a real shame. 5/10.

Selma (2014) Poster4) Selma. A biopic about Martin Luther King Jr but so much more than that. This film is important (as well as brilliant) because history must not forget that these struggles were happening 50 years ago and despite huge changes, these things still happen today. Racial discrimination is prevalent across the globe, including America. This film beautifully portrayed the belief, hope, faith, determination and bravery of a movement that changed history. This is a brief 3 month snapshot, goodness know what a long road had already been walked by King and his peers by the time they got to Selma. This film left me questioning what I would have done if I had been alive in 1965, how it would have felt to have walked across that bridge, decades upon decades of oppression hanging over you. These films are important because they show history’s scars on a big stage. I would like to think this means history won’t repeat itself and yet in the news at the moment it does so on a daily basis. An amazing cast and film, 9/10.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015) Poster5) The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I LOVED THIS FILM, it was such a colourful and feel good film and I thought Dev Patel was completely fantastic! I hadn’t seen the first Exotic Marigold Hotel film until this year and I actually watched it just to watch the second one, the trailer was just so good. The cast is fantastic and the writer absolutely hit the nail on the head, it was perfection. If you want cheering up with a bit of travel, culture, comedy and romance, please please watch this film. 9/10 at least!

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