Sloe Gin

Further to making blackberry and apple jam, the very same berry picking episode led to finding and picking some sloe berries! My very first sloe picking venture and as such I am going to do something very unfoodbloggerish and share a recipe I haven’t tried yet; a recipe for sloe gin. I am in the process of trying it but sloe gin takes months to mature/develop/official technical term, so I began mine the other week and I thought we could take this journey together. You make yours now too and we can share notes over our various sloe gin batches at Christmas, yes? I found a recipe online and got to work. Do you have a preferred recipe? Let me know!

Sloe gin

The picture is two weeks in, so hopefully by Christmas it will be a beautifully deep red colour.

Ingredients: (I made 3/4 of this as I was limited by how many sloes I had picked)

  • 450 g of sloe berries
  • 225 g of caster sugar
  • 1 litre of gin
  • A large sterilised jar


  1. Prick the skin of the sloes (all over) with a sterilised needle.
  2. Place the sloes, sugar and gin into a large sterilised jar. Seal and shake well.
  3. Store in a cool and dry cupboard, shaking every couple of days or so for at least two months. The longer the better though, I am making this batch for Christmas.
  4. Strain the gin through muslin into sterilised bottles.
  5. Take a sip (or many) and enjoy that festive feeling from your toes to your nose.

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