The Little Bookshop on the Seine.

I interupt this stream of recipes to bring you top a stop on the blog tour of Rebecca Raisin’s  wonderful new book. Rebecca is a favourite author of mine (see here, here and here for previous posts about her amazing foodie lit stories), who is writing a mini series set in Paris as part of a larger series set in Ashford, Connecticut. The Little Bookshop on the Seine is the first of the three within the Paris collection but the second of Sarah’s stories.


The real gift of Rebecca’s stories, in my opinion, is the way her books are written in sets within the collection from the view points of different characters; exquisite characters at that, so that you can totally live there in your head. Rebecca’s ability to write such wonderful characters is ridiculously good and in my head I am friends with them all. I will always love Lil and CeeCee of the Gingerbread Café (now available  in paperback) and want a job there, swoon over Lucy and Clay and totally relate to bookworm Sarah’s introvert nature but there are is a whole new selection of intriguing, fabulous and colourful characters (it is Paris after all, darling) in The Bookshop on the Seine.

Now to the storyline without spoiling too much, Sarah who runs The Bookshop on the Corner in sleepy Ashford, swaps bookshops with heartbroken Sophie in Paris. Small town Sarah could get swallowed up in a city like Paris but living there has always been a dream. Will she cope and will her relationship with her roving reporter boyfriend cope too? Sarah’s story is magical but the true beauty for me in this book is the high calibre and number of amazing characters enveloped in the magic of Paris.

Do yourself a favour and get acquainted with the Gingerbread Cafe, pop into Sarah’s bookshop, fall in love with Clay and then get your hands on The Little Bookshop on the Seine for some festive magic.

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