Hello, December

December is here and it is about to get very busy in the kitchen. The Christmas cakes are saturated with brandy, marzipanned and iced, the mincemeat and Christmas puddings are made and it is time to start the hampers.


(One of this years cakes.)

I shared the story of last years hampers and their contents in the new year but now is the time that they’ll be useful and maybe inspire some home made Christmas gifts…


This years hampers will be revealed over the month but will include home made lip balms and solid perfume too. I am so excited for this years gifting hampers. I hope people like them.

Mini Christmas cakes

Other home made gift ideas include jars of home made mincemeat, so that people can make delicious mince pies of their own, or Christmas puddings (including gluten free, so gluten sensitive people don’t have to miss out).

What about the work Christmas lunch/party? My recommendations this year are boozy bourbons, chocolate gingerbread cake and of course home made mince pies.

As for the big day, Christmas isn’t Christmas without mum’s roast gammon, this honey mustard phenomenon is a recipe you need in your life. Why not pair it with:

And for dessert, if Christmas pud or cake is not your thing:

Apple ginger cake

Don’t forget Christmas day breakfast, this gingerbread granola recipe is just what you need, it’s tasty, will give you energy for the day ahead but isn’t so filling that you won’t be able to eat all your Christmas dinner and chocolate orange.

What are you festive favourite and Christmas day traditions?

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