The Homemade Christmas Gift Guide

9 sleeps until Christmas!  I cannot believe it is almost here, with that in mind here’s a quick guide to some home made gifts that won’t break the bank (who has money by the middle of December?!) and are thoughtful.

A hot chocolate ‘hamper’: a new mug, this incredible solid hot chocolate, a milk frother (100% essential for great hot choc!) and marshmallows (home made perhaps!). You could even up the stakes and hand paint a mug at your local pottery painting shop, be quick though as they’ll need time to fire it in the kiln.

Hasslachers Solid Bar Colombian Drinking Chocolate 250 g

I’ve had great fun making my own lip balms and solid perfumes this year. I’ll be posting ‘how to’s soon but linked are my resources.


It’s late in the year but there are some quick (3-4 days) recipes for infused alcohol, such as this Christmas pudding vodka I mentioned earlier in the week , saffron & cardamom gin or my personal favourite rosemary gin (perfect for a G&T with a slice of cucumber)! What about some infused alcohol and a special glass? Or a cocktail hamper?


Going down the food route, you can’t beat home baked goods when it comes to gifts. You could make boozy chocolate truffles, mini chocolate puddings or a cookie selection box (gingerbread – my fave, peacekeeper or cranberry, orange & poppy seed).

Cranberry orange poppy cookies

Or perhaps a fruit tea loaf, they are travel hardy (for posting) and there is something inherently festive about them in my eyes. Perhaps it is the sitting together sharing some tea and cake that brings people together, a bit like Christmas does. Also useful for unannounced festive visitors!

Finally, nothing says home made like jam or chutney (which can be great with Christmas leftovers!)

Christmas jam


Any of these on their own or combined could make great gifts for family and friends this Christmas!


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