Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day isn’t too far away (June 18th) and in order to save Dad from another year of socks and DIY tool shaped chocolate (not that there is anything wrong with either of those but if you are anything like me, dad still has them in the wrapper from last year due to sock saturation). Without further ado (links below collage):

Father's Day

1: Tickets to a band you both love or have a fond childhood memory of/a sport you both play/other performance. What about those cool old school concerts showed at cinemas now so they dad can relive the magic of that gig he’s been banging on about ‘being there’ in 78′?

2: Wooden bookmarks by Ink and Wonder: great for the bookworm or tattooed (or both) dads out there. These old-skoolesque maple bookmarks are stunning. They have Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and other classics available as prints too (and totes but I’m not sure that’s a dad-winner).

3: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is 50! What about the vinyl (and perhaps a record player to buy it on), he’ll on-trend in no time.

4: Bloody Mary Metal make beautiful jewellery, what about a stack ring personalised with your name (and your siblings?! – nah!) engraved on it.

5: Does dad like a drink? How about a little something from a remote part of the world, Japanese whiskey anyone? Maybe there is a liquor from his favourite holiday or honeymoon destination. Somewhere you have fond memories of going with dad as a kid and they have a national liquor. Maybe dad loves gardening and has too much rhubarb, make a joke of it with this STUNNING rhubarb gin by Warner Edwards (or even if dad just like gin, this stuff is heavenly). They also make a stunning sounding botanical gin which I’ve yet to try.

6: Do you have a Disney dad? You lucky thing! How about this Goofy Movie T-shirt (that classic father-son bonding film). Check out Magical Thunderpress for some other Disney themed greats, maybe you have a Disney holiday booked?

7: Is dad a coffee connoisseur? The guys over at Pact coffee have you covered with their direct trade, own roasted, mail order coffee subscriptions. What’s not to love!? I love their coffee and their ethos, you should check them out. (Psst – there is even a Groupon deal for first time Pact-ers).

8: I can’t do a gift guide without some Hotel Chocolat. If your dad is into his proper chocolate, these are the guys for you.

9: The Vans x Peanuts collection has just landed. Is Dad a fan? Or does dad need some cooler shoes? I had a lecturer who wore black Vans with flames up the sides because his son chose them for him. You have that power.

10: Does dad garden? Does dad moan about weeds? What about a personalised copper gardening tool by Implementations. No one is going to shell out for copper tools for themselves but they are top quality and gorgeous. The Nunki Weeder (pictured) will make dad the envy of the allotment. There’s a dad showing off his tool joke in there somewhere but let’s not go there.


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