This was another recipe that was supposed to be made in December, to send to some friends for Christmas but then I decided that they’d have plenty of food over Christmas and that they’d be better received in the new year (i.e. I ran out of time). I was privileged to be asked to make Oreo cheesecake truffles for said friends’ wedding this summer and thought that these would be a nice reminder of that amazing day.


For the cookies I used a recipe from Erren’s Kitchen and for the filling I opted for a recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

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Vegan Peanut Cookies (GF)

I wanted to bake something vegan friendly to take into work and a quick Google search lead me to this useful article on Jamie Oliver’s website. I was instantly drawn to the peanut butter cookies as I’ve had a bit of a thing about peanuts recently and kept my fingers crossed that they’d be a popular choice. I was pretty excited to see that not only were they vegan but they were gluten free too!

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies (GF)

They were tasty with a nice crunch and crumble. They seemed to go down well with everyone but I kept a couple at home and they definitely didn’t last long!

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Boozy Bourbons

It appears that my baking spirit animal is Gingerbread Jenn; I’d been thinking for some time about finding a biscuit recipe to make for James (a tea and biscuit addict who I live vicariously through, if I ate that many biscuits I’d weight six times as much as I do now). I wanted biscuits, not cookie though and then a recipe for Bourbons appeared in my feed, courtesy Jenn (of course) and within a couple of days they were made; I couldn’t resist any longer. Where we differ though is that Jenn put bourbon in her filling and I opted for brandy, less in keeping with the name but I’m a brandy girl.

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Mother’s Day Cookies, A Variety of Shortbread

The internet is a wonderful thing, it enables people half way across the world to get in contact at the touch of a button. I’ve already talked about how thankful I am for my little corner of the internet, but today I’m here to tell a whole different story. A message arrived a few days ago from a mother-daughter duo, Patience Brewster, who make unique gifts, inspiring me to share a recipe that says ‘mothers day’ in my mind and if possible to discuss my mother (and grandmother) and daughter cooking story, in honour of mother’s day in the USA.Short2

When it comes to be being surrounded by good cooks, I was blessed. My mother always kept me in awe in the kitchen with her sugarwork fruit baskets and elaborate birthday cakes that she made me each year. My grandma on my mum’s side was no cook unfortunately, but she left an even greater gift, her recipe for Christmas cake, it was the only thing she was good at making and it just happened to be the best in the world; I’ve shared that story already. Whilst I sadly never met my paternal grandparents, I was truly blessed with hands down the most amazing surrogate (long story) grandparents; the richness they bought to my childhood is immeasurable (along with the number of photos they have of me, along with stories), one (of the many) thing they bought me was a basket full of kitchen tools and cookery equipment, in honour of me starting cookery club. That was 17 years ago, when I was 7 years old and I still use most of those tools today. The first recipe I ever learnt by heart was shortbread. I’ve talked about my shortbread story before but it really is where my cookery journey started; inspired by one incredibly talented and fearless cook, my mother.

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Peanut Butter and Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies

I spotted the recipe for these on The Salted Cookie and I have only tweaked it slightly. Honey and peanut butter and two of James’ favourite things, add cookies into the equation and we are onto a winner. I hadn’t baked any cookies for months and I was having withdrawals. I thought these would be great take-to-school(work) cookies after the lovely Christmas break. Something to brighten the mid-morning tea break.

Peanut butter honey cookies

My gosh were they dangerously tasty! I was glad James took them to work because after all the excesses of Christmas, the last thing I needed were these calling my name from the biscuit tin! I halved the original recipe and made about 12 cookies.

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