My Cook Book Collection

I thought a list of the cook books I own and use (and some new ones that are just itching to be used) would be a nice little inspiration for anyone looking to buy some more cook books (me, always). You can never have too many cook books.



Sweet things:

This is a modest collection for sure and believe me my cook book wish list is currently at about 50 but all in good time. I don’t often cook from cook books on a day to day basis as when it comes to cooking I like to throw stuff in a pan and hope for the best. I do also get a lot of recipes and inspiration from Pinterest. Feel free to check out my Recipes board.

Foodie Lit:

I recently haven’t been able to get enough of books that don’t necessarily revolve around food but have a food theme running throughout. I thought I’d list them here, for reading inspiration.

These two books are also in my cookbook list and definitely bridge the gap between foodie lit and cookbooks. I have already written a post about my love for Molly  Wizenberg and her blog, so I won’t say any more here.

I have also written about how much I’ve been enjoying Jenny Colgan’s books:

This book is phenomenally good and I really urge you to read it, for many reasons:


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