Bacon, Asparagus & Pea Risotto and Gibbon Conservation

Hello everyone! On the off chance you had noticed that I haven’t posted in a while, the past two weeks I’ve been working away in London and catching up with many lovely friends in the evening. I didn’t have a kitchen when staying in London and even though I came home in the weekend between (to see Foo Fighters play Milton Keynes – a bucket list item for sure), eating out for every lunch and dinner got old very quickly. I did manage five pre 7 am runs along the beautiful Southbank of the Thames (see my Instagram) though, my favourite part of London.


On a related note, tomorrow I am running the first of two runs for a charity called The Aspinall Foundation, who do amazing animal conservation work, this particular run is for their Gibbon projects (the most endangered primate). If animals are your thing then a donation, no matter how large or small would be hugely appreciated by the animals and myself. The first run is a 5 km fun run and the second is a 10 km run in October (my longest official run to date, eek!).

The recipe inspiration is courtesy of Jam and Clotted Cream, such a simple but delicious combination of flavours with the genius addition of clotted cream at the end, risotto is comfort food at its finest!

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Lemony Spring Baked Risotto

Spring has sprung here in beautifully sunny Scotland, lovely weather for our final day of holiday here. The perfect spring day for a very spring inspired dish.

I have become somewhat of a savoury lemon fiend as of late, especially when combined with Parmesan. Lemon pasta, Lemon & Parmesan broccoli (by the bowl full) and I’ve been craving lemon risotto for a long time. I decided that is was time to fulfill that craving last week but to mix up that baked lemon risotto recipe, from a side dish into a main and throw in some chicken and spring vegetables. Oh man, it was good. I wish I could get the photo to convey how lemony the dish was, but short of dyeing it yellow, it just isn’t possible. It was so lemony and delicious and combined with the Parmesan, just wow. Even better is that it’s an oven risotto, so it doesn’t need constantly stirring.

Spring risotto

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Chicken Pad See Ew

I’m a sucker for anything with rice noodles. I really really like rice noodles. I am eternally thankful that white rice and therefore rice noodles are an acceptable paleo cheat, to have occasionally. I found this recipe in my cook book choice of the moment: Russ Crandall’s The Ancestral Table, and made it for James and I on Friday night. It is a great Friday night comfort meal/takeaway replacement; equally tasty and far healthier. I added lots of extra vegetables because I can never resist extra veg, especially of the stir fry variety.

Chicken Pad See Ew

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Asparagus Stuffed Chicken

It has been an exciting and fulfilling week getting to grips with my new paleo diet, I have to say so far I am loving it. I think James is enjoying it too because there is a lot more meat on the table these days. When my new paleo cookbooks arrived I handed them to James and tasked him with choosing some of this weeks dinners. This is one that he chose from the book Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso; a great choice with there being an abundance of asparagus at the moment, one of my favourite vegetable. It was simple and delicious, paired with kale, leeks and broccoli.

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Tahini, lemon and pomegranate tagliatelle.

Flavour of the week: Without a doubt tahini. The earthy, nutty gem of a paste.

Book of the YEAR: A Homemade Life – Molly Wizenberg. I will write a whole post about this book and her amazing blog ‘Orangette’ soon but having just finished reading this book I am beyond happy, emotional, dying to get in the kitchen and unable to wait months for her next book. I’ll save the rest for my next post. Stay tuned.

This weekend I have spent the weekend in Southampton, the city where I went to university. I stayed with my ex housemate of 4 years Hannah who has been a source of food inspiration throughout my years at university and since, sending me a recipe every now and then that made her think of me. Usually chocolate based, of course. Hannah and I had the best time (well, I did), we went for a wander in the sun, followed by Sprinkles (the best ice cream joint in Southampton) where I had a scoop of hazelnut and a scoop of Ferrero Roche and Hannah had a scoop of mini egg and a scoop of peanut butter topped with hot chocolate sauce. Delicious.

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