Mocha Banana Cake with Salted Caramel Drizzle (Dairy Free)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have been meaning to share this for a few weeks, but like Gingerbread Jenn, who shared the recipe on her exquisite blog, life has been chaotic and I haven’t been able to post anywhere near as often as I’d like. But on this day of love, I am here for you with an absolutely delicious brownie style cake which is a comforting combination of all of my favourite things. Valentine or Galentine, let’s do this!


It might not look too pretty in photos but it is what’s on the inside that counts!

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Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes!

So, Tuesday will bring with it one of my favourite days of the year, Pancake Day! I love pancakes, they are somewhat of a household tradition and I can’t wait for the excuse to have then for dinner, DINNER!, on Tuesday.

We are half way through our packing, ready to move on Saturday, needless to say new recipes and blogging has taken a back seat, but don’t worry once we’re settled I’ll be posting regularly (I know, but try not to worry too much ;)).

I couldn’t resist the chance to share with you my a round up of pancake recipes though!

We’ll be having my favourite gluten free pancakes but with a topping inspired by this baked apple and cinnamon Dutch pancake (which I love but you don’t get the pancake flipping antics that are a must on pancake day). For the gluten free people out there, gluten free flour actually makes really good pancakes. Hallelujah!


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Pumpkin, Pecan & Banana Cake

Ta Da!!!!! It is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Hello there, Autumn. I didn’t realise how much I had missed you. I’m conflicted and in tradition of being a walking contradiction, my mood dependence on the sun aside, my favourite seasons are Autumn and the first half of Winter (the part with Christmas in, after that it seems an endless drag to the time when we’ll ever feel warm again). This coming Winter though, it can throw all the cold it likes at me because in the Spring, James, his family and I are going to Orlando Disney! I have never been and to say I am excited it an understatement, I am almost unable to process how excited I am. I love Disney and I love Harry Potter even more.


So, long introduction aside. Autumn is here and I wanted to try to change up my beloved banana cake with something more seasonal that meant I could dig out my favourite loaf tin (the recipe would make one 9 inch round cake or two standard loaf tins). A quick Google search found me this recipe, which I used as a basis but made a few tweaks to. It was pretty delicious, comforting like a banana cake but beautifully coloured by the pumpkin, with those Autumn spices and pecan crunch, eeesh.

In other news, did anyone see the first day of Autumn Google doodle with the squashes and the squirrel? My favourite yet!

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Coffee Infused Honey

I’m a tea girl about 99% of the time but when I need a pick me up or a treat, it is often a coffee that I need. I am a coffee snob though, I say this knowing very little about coffee but it can’t be instant. My favourite coffee ever comes from the Micro Roastery in Canterbury, followed very closely but Love Walk Cafe, Camberwell. Whilst Micro Roastery sell their coffee ground or whole bean and I often buy a bag when I am passing, I don’t pass all that much. I’d seen Pact coffee on my radar via Facebook and friends, when my running app sent me a voucher for a £1 bag for my good work (awesome right?!) I jumped at the chance. I was pretty impressed with the coffee I received (Planalto) and their attention to detail, definitely a treat worth indulging in.

Coffee honey

I can’t remember via whom (I wish I could!) but last week I stumbled on Apples Under My Bed blog, and instantly fell in love with the idea of coffee infused honey, especially to use on porridge. I made almond milk banana porridge and topped it with pumpkin seeds and coffee infused honey, completely inspired by Heidi’s recipe.

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Banana & Nibs Cake

The Hotel Chocolat cook book ‘A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate‘ is a rare one in that it has two banana bread recipes, not only that but they are in the breakfast section; now that, is someone speaking my language. I’ve already posted one of those recipes on the blog which contained coconut butter, spelt flour, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate and pecans, I was excited just reading the ingredients, never mind eating the cake. That recipe was delicious but it is only fair that I try the other recipe too and this recipe is amazing too. It is so hard to choose which I like best and Gingerbread Jenn threw a total, delicious, spanner into the works by combining my favourite parts of each recipe into one new recipe, which I have yet to try but most definitely will be.

Banana bread

There can never be enough banana cake recipes in the world, it really is such a flexible, delicious, comforting and warm hug of a cake. The previous banana cake recipe I made was Angus Thirwell’s (co-founder of Hotel Chocolat) and this recipe is Jon Bentham’s (Executive Chef of Hotel Chocolat).

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