Banoffee Pie

Banoffee is a weakness of mine, I manage to resist, just about, for most of the year because I am trying to eat less sugar and no gluten. You only have a birthday once a year though and boy, did I make the most of that excuse this year. I mentioned before that the savoury crown went to the Brioche Couronne; well, the sweet crown went to this Banoffee Pie. The stakes were high in the sweet department, it was competeing with a berry layer cake, spiced pumpkin patch cake, brown butter chocolate chip cookies, s’mores brownies and sour cream strawberry ice cream (recipes to follow).  It won fairly and squarely though, everyone kept saying how good it was and requesting the receipe. I feel some what cheated when it comes to this banoffee pie, it goes against a lot of my ‘home made is best’ principles but it was just too good not to share the recipe; even if you do have to buy digestive biscuits to make the base and use condensed milk to make the caramel/toffee. A word of warning, to make the caramel you need to boil the tins of condensed milk for 2.5 hours, factor this into you preparation time! Or, do it the day/weekend before.


Banoffee slice

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Banana Cheesecake Brownies

It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve made a batch of brownies, which just isn’t on. It has also been far too long since I’ve made cheesecake brownies; I was introduced to this recipe back in school and it has stayed with me ever since, it makes the richest and tastiest brownies there is.  I like to double the brownie part of the recipe but keep the cheesecake part as it is, otherwise the brownie : cheesecake ratio is all wrong for me. As luck may have it, I was short on dark chocolate and had a couple of bananas that were very ripe and needed using up. Then it hit me, banana cheesecake brownies! If I used the amount of chocolate the non-banana recipe used it would have overpowered the flavour of the banana, so really it was all just meant to be. These brownies have an extra fudginess (a new word) to them. They really were extra special and dangerously tasty. I limited myself to one little one and then quickly put them in the freezer, out of temptation’s way. These definitely aren’t ‘healthy’ or paleo but perfect for a treat, or to make for loved ones (as in this case).

Banana cheesecake brownies

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