Courgette & Basil Soup

Now we live somewhere with a garden, I decided I wanted to grow my own vegetables this year. I dug up a very overgrown flower bed, bought some seeds and a small plastic green house and had a go (I did save a few seeds from vegetables we’d eaten such as squash, pumpkins and lemons). The spinach and chard are ready to be eaten and we’ve already made a start on the spinach, I’ll harvest a bunch of chard this weekend for next week. The first vegetable to really make an appearance though were the courgettes. I bought a variety seed pack, we had a couple of gorgeous pale green ones first and today I harvested a bright yellow one! It is beautiful!

Courgette and basil soup

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Strawberry and Basil Jam

Strawberry season is here, wooohooooo! I vowed at the beginning of the year that this year I would make strawberry jam, once the season was upon us. Get ready for a selection of strawberry based recipes. It is no secret that I loooooooovveeee the combination of strawberry and basil; basil MIGHT be my favourite herb but it has serious competition from coriander and rosemary, oh and mint. What is your favourite herb? It’s like choosing between children right?!

Strawberry Basil Jam .jpeg

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Patty Pan Stuffed with Spinach & Ricotta Risotto

We are fully into that autumn vibe (and I can feel in my bones that Christmas is coming, is that just me…?), to celebrate this ‘autumness’ I cooked up this dish, inspired by a couple of mini patty pan that appeared in my weekly veg box delivery and a delicious meal my sister cooked me a couple of years ago.


For me this is the ultimate indulgence, the ricotta (bonus points if you make your own) makes it so creamy and delicious; it being served in an adorable pumpkin like vessel is the icing on the top(or bottom I guess).

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Spaghetti & Meatballs

When it comes to a comforting meal, for me pasta is king. Whether it is macaroni cheese, bolognese, lasagne, my go to pasta recipe or spaghetti and meatballs, I am a big fan; James loves meatballs but nearly all meatball recipes have breadcrumbs in, so since I gave up gluten, meatballs have been off the list. Until, that is, I had some stale gluten free bread and thought to make breadcrumbs out of it. Don’t ask me why this hasn’t occurred to me before.

Meatballs (gluten free)

I think this might be my go to meatball recipe from now on. I have made other meatballs and they were tasty too but I quite like the combination of pork and beef in these (although feel free to use whatever mince takes your fancy).

I know it says spaghetti and ideally spaghetti it would be but I used dried gluten free pasta for this and of all the shapes, fusilli cooks the best. I used some left over sauce I had using my roasted tomato sauce recipe, then made the sauce below for the left over meatballs/remaining portions (it made 6 portions, so we had it for three nights, the meatballs freeze really well once cooked). Continue reading

Strawberry Buttermilk Cake with Basil Streusel Topping

Let’s talk about streusel, I have only just realised it was basically crumble. The recipes I’ve glanced over and not read because it said streusel when I absolutely LOVE crumble but didn’t know is a little painful but I have been enlightened after spotting this beaut of a recipe from Brooklyn Homemaker; I’ve mixed it up a bit by doubling the amount of fruit (but halving the variety, I only used strawberries) and making it gluten free. The combination of basil and strawberries is one of my favourites and it is some coincidence that I went back to the place where I first ever tried the combination (Edinburgh, we’re holidaying there again this week) the day before spotting this recipe. Fate.


Also, photographing in natural light (we live in a basement flat) as we we’re staying with James’ family was a delight, at 8pm there was still enough light to get a decent photo. Bliss.

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