Mocha Banana Cake with Salted Caramel Drizzle (Dairy Free)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have been meaning to share this for a few weeks, but like Gingerbread Jenn, who shared the recipe on her exquisite blog, life has been chaotic and I haven’t been able to post anywhere near as often as I’d like. But on this day of love, I am here for you with an absolutely delicious brownie style cake which is a comforting combination of all of my favourite things. Valentine or Galentine, let’s do this!


It might not look too pretty in photos but it is what’s on the inside that counts!

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Rose and Pistachio Victoria Sandwich

What a crazy summer it has been, Clinical Scientist training finished and today I registered at yet another uni to begin my PGCE. It’s been quiet on the blogging front (and even in the kitchen I am sad to say) due to finishing one training, undertaking a 3 month course ready for my next training alongside and all the fun summer brings. One particularly glorious summer’s day was spent undertaking a morning run with a friend and then guilt free brunch, endless tea and cake and lots of puppy cuddles. This was the cake I made and it was a big hit. I’d been dreaming this up in my head for some time and it was the perfect occasion. I based it on Mary Berry’s traditional Victoria sandwich recipe.


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Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Pound Cake

I was feeling out of sorts the other day and realised I hadn’t baked a cake for ages, no wonder! I turned my trusty Joy the Baker cook book and endevoured to find a recipe that would use ingredients that I already had. I spotted her cream cheese pound cake recipe and remembered I had some cream cheese to use up. I only had half the amount needed though, sensible people might just make half the recipe, but then you’d only have half as much cake, so I made up the rest of the required cream cheese with peanut butter. My man loves peanut butter. It was just the right level of peanutty and definitely delicious.


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Marmalade Cake

A colleague at work is leaving soon and given that I am currently on holiday in Orlando (this is a scheduled post, I am far too busy being excited at Disney to be blogging), I will miss her leaving party; I decided to bring a cake in to try and make up for it. I had a beautiful jar of Ma DQ’s home made marmalade (a best friend’s mum’s) that needed using up and making it the prime ingredient in a cake seemed a good way to do it. A quick Google found me this Nigel Slater recipe.

Marmalade cake2


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Gingerbread Bundt

Good golly, this cake! It is heaven, never have I had so many requests for the recipe of a cake I’ve baked (and so little time to blog it, goodness this month has been the most exhausting of my life). It is perfectly spiced, beautifully moist and the perfect accompaniment to tea, coffee, hot chocolate or mulled wine; what more could you ask for?! I found the recipe online after searching for ‘gingerbread bundt’ as I wanted to use my beautiful Nordic Ware tree bundt tin for my work’s Christmas party; King Arthur Flour had this stunning recipe.  I HAD to make another one so that I could use my new Nordic Ware Gingerbread Family tin, which James took to work (and I took a small loaf of the baked remaining cake mixture into work to fulfil demand for this sumptuous festive tea break addition). Both parties demanded the recipe, honestly I can’t stress enough how good this cake is, pictures don’t do it justice at all.

GB bundt

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