Berry Baked Pancakes

Flavour of the moment: The sweetness of baked fruit. I decided to make these because I feel too naughty having fruit crumble for breakfast. This is a feeling my sister doesn’t share as she tucked into apple pie and ice cream for breakfast the other morning; she’s even more of a role model to me now.

Exciting new cook book: ‘Joy the Baker Cookbook – Joy Wilson’. I wanted this book for a while and finally caved the other week, if you haven’t checked out Joy’s blog you then you most definitely should. She is a goddess.

Speaking of said blog, I stumbled across this the other day and decided I loved the idea of the berries but would prefer them baked and using that recipe as a base I began adapting, just a little.

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Dutch Pancakes

My favourite new tradition: Saturday morning pancakes, since James has moved in every Saturday’s breakfast has been pancakes and I am not complaining. They’ve been a different type of pancake each time too, I wonder how many varieties are out there?

Today’s pancake variety was Dutch pancakes, these are baked in the oven and you have one very large and delicious pancake to yourself. I stumbled across these in (no surprises here) ‘A Homemade Life – Molly Wizenberg‘ and made a mental note to try them soon and low and behold a Saturday appeared in my week just begging me to make them. What are the chances?!

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