Cleansing Green Soup (Broccoli, Spinach and Lemon)

When I spotted this recipe on Deliciously Ella, it was a must make; all the flavours were favourites of mine. I’d like to try different spices in it; I like cumin but I imagine there are many other flavours that would work too, ginger and chilli for example. It is bright green too, which I love as anything that green must be fantastically good for you.


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Sweet Potato Cakes

After the excesses of Christmas I was looking for a nutritious light meal to make and turned to Deliciously Ella, a blog with endless delicious and nutritious recipes. Ella Woodward (writer of Deliciously Ella) has her first cookbook coming out this month, I’ve pre-ordered it and I am eagerly anticipating its arrival! Sweet potatoes are very popular in our household, whilst I still have a soft spot for normal potatoes, J loves sweet potato and I can’t deny how fantastically good they are for you. I first spotted this recipe on the Deliciously Ella app and couldn’t wait to try it. One sweet potato cake with a salad makes a great light meal and two with salad or vegetables would be a great and filling meal. We ate these with a baby leaf salad and a tahini dressing (tahini, lemon juice and a drop of water).

Sweet potato cakes

It was a huge hit and we saved the other two for the next day’s dinner, as we knew we were going out for a big lunch with family. I’ll definitely be making these again soon, it is nice to have a few more lunch options.

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Middle Eastern Kebabs

I mentioned in my last post, Chicken Pad Thai, about getting stuck cooking the same dinners after work due to lack of inspiration and motivation. I took to Pinterest, as one does when lacking in the inspiration department, and spotted the recipe for these kebabs. I was really excited at something quite different to my normal dinner and the prospect of pairing them with a baked potato; I am a sucker for a baked potato. This recipe was delicious but has already got me wondering what tweaks I could make to the sauce, such as adding tahini, to make for endless kebab combinations. I made very little change to the original recipe here, except to add peppers to the kebabs themselves. I’m excited to have found another great blog and source of food inspiration.


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Punjab Curry with Yellow Sticky Rice

This summer, James and I went of a cookery course in London. It was a Christmas gift from my family, what a great idea! The location was stunning, St Katherine’s Dock, and the lesson courtesy of The Smart School of Cookery, run by ex Master Chef contestant Ann Hood. We had a great afternoon; we learnt a great way to finely chop onions and that you can keep ginger, lemon grass, chillies and fruit in the freezer to grate or zest from frozen. Other tips we learnt were to use rape seed oil to fry, as it burns at a much higher temperature than olive oil (a whole 60°C higher!) and that when buying oils, always go for cold pressed and good quality. We cooked three curries; Padang, Vietnamese and Punjab. They were all so tasty but my favourite was the Punjab, probably because it has nectarines in it.

Punjab curry and yellow sticky rice

One thing I found really interesting was that  all the curries used the same base, to which curry specific additions were added later. You can make large quantities of the base and freeze it in ice cube trays, to add a cube or two to a curry from frozen. A great time saving tip.

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Sweet & Sour Moroccan Chicken

This is a slight variation on a recipe I saw on Paleo Grubs. I decided to add Tamarind to the dish to give it a sourness, making it sweet and sour, as opposed to sweet and savoury.  I love that this dish has almonds and sultanas in it, adding that hint of sweetness along with different textures. Sweet & Sour Moroccan Chicken I will definitely be making this again as it is easy and super tasty. Who doesn’t love an easy and tasty meal?! It isn’t overly quick as it needs to simmer to really develop the flavours but you can get on with other things whilst it is doing its thing. Continue reading