Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream

Summer is here! I’ve seen glimpses of it in between the rain! I promised more strawberry recipes, I’m finally about to deliver on that promise. I already have one delicious (sour cream)¬†strawberry ice cream recipe in my arsenal (I would never order strawberry ice cream when out but you can’t beat it home made with delicious fresh strawberries), but then I spotted this recipe in BBC Good Food magazine (June 2016 issue). The original calls for white balsamic, whilst the idea of it excited me, I didn’t want to go hunting shops to find some and ordinary balsamic would surely work fine (it did). The combination of strawberries with balsamic vinegar is divine and I’d urge you to try it if you haven’t. I took this to a family BBQ and it was a big hit.

Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream

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Butterscotch Pecan Cheesecake

Baked cheesecake, my current baking battle. Have any of you won at the baked cheesecake battle? I have not. I mean this one was delicious but it wasn’t quite cooked enough for my liking, I wanted it to hold a little better when cut. I made a summer fruit cheesecake the week after but that one was too cooked. Too cooked to even share with you,weep. I mean, we ate it but the edges were too cooked, the middle wasn’t too bad though, phew, at least we ate something. I made it when we had people who I’d only just met for dinner, why do things never pan out like you’d planned when you are trying to impress?!


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Bananas in Coconut Milk

This is traditionally a Thai dessert (made with palm sugar, instead of honey), it may not sound like much but my oh my it is divine. It is so tasty,¬†comforting and also pretty damn good for you! It is almost too good to be true. Imagine bananas in custard, well, this is better. There are days that just need dessert but one can’t have indulgent desserts all the time and this 100% hits the spot. A creamy, delicious, sweet, satisfying dessert that is good for you, say what?! THIS IS IT, IT IS HERE! Can I hear a hallelujah?


Anyway, it looks kinda nonplus and you might be wondering if I’ve lost the plot but seriously, just go make it and judge me once you’re eating a warming bowl of bananas in coconut milk, ok?

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Hazelnut Pavlova

I, quite clearly, love hazelnut. I named my blog after it and hazelnuts feature in my favourite chocolate, ice cream and snacks. I’ve been meaning to make a hazelnut meringue for the longest time, after stock piling ground hazelnuts in my freezer from making hazelnut milk and having endless frozen egg whites to use up from making pasta.

I had family over for dinner this weekend and decided this was the perfect time to make a hazelnut meringue, but given that there were 10 of us, I simply had to make 3 meringues and turn them into a 3 tiered pavlova. I did three courses for the meal, a main and two desserts; baked bacon gnocchi, rhubarb & almond crumble cake and this.

hazelnut pavlova

I promised I’d reveal my favourite of Jenny Colgan’s books in this post, I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seat since then with breath held. I reveal its title with a warning that all you will want to do after reading it is go and live on an island and run a bakery. Drum roll please….. it is titled ‘The Little Beach Street Bakery’ and it is exquisite.

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Winning Hearts and Minds Cake

Word of the day: Indulgence. This is indulgence objectified.

This cake is one I mentioned in my Orangette fan girl post as high on my list of recipes from ‘A Homemade Life – Molly Wizenberg’ that I wanted to try. Molly is all about recipe sharing so I very much hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it with you. Molly loves this cake so much she baked several as her wedding cake. I figured this was a good omen to make it for dessert for James’ moving in meal and that James moving in was a good excuse for me to be able to make a decadent dessert. So here goes a recipe that will change your life….

hearts and minds 2

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