Apple Dutch Pancake

It has been far too long since we had pancakes for breakfast, we discovered a need for bacon and egg sandwiches on a Saturday morning and that has sustained us for the past few weeks. Last weekend though we had hardly anything in the fridge and nothing breakfast worthy except a few aging apples. What we wanted though was pancakes. Thankfully we had some cupboard essentials; milk, flour etc, and some milk in the fridge (it is a desperate day when there is no milk in the fridge but thankfully things weren’t quite that bad). I searched for an apple pancake recipe and loved the look of this one, I swapped the icing sugar for cinnamon sugar because I’m not sure icing sugar is all that necessary in the morning. I think I picked this recipe because it is cooked in a skillet in the photos and I can’t resist a skillet. Also because it includes cinnamon, a must for any apple based recipe in my eyes.

Dutch Apple pancake

I tweaked the recipe a little to what I had in the cupboard, that’s the thing about pancakes, they are so forgiving. The apples had that delicious, sweet apple-pie-ness about them, cooked apples are so yummy. As a kid I’d make apple sauce and eatit  by the bowlful.

I had to spend the Saturday working from home, attempting to wade through the mountains of work I have to do before Christmas. These definitely helped to fuel me through those long hours.

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Berry Baked Pancakes

Flavour of the moment: The sweetness of baked fruit. I decided to make these because I feel too naughty having fruit crumble for breakfast. This is a feeling my sister doesn’t share as she tucked into apple pie and ice cream for breakfast the other morning; she’s even more of a role model to me now.

Exciting new cook book: ‘Joy the Baker Cookbook – Joy Wilson’. I wanted this book for a while and finally caved the other week, if you haven’t checked out Joy’s blog you then you most definitely should. She is a goddess.

Speaking of said blog, I stumbled across this the other day and decided I loved the idea of the berries but would prefer them baked and using that recipe as a base I began adapting, just a little.

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