Bean & Chard Soup

Lunch in the week is always a difficult meal for me to sort out. I usually make a batch of something Sunday night for the week ahead but I like something that I can heat up at work, is healthy, filling and not too time consuming to make. I turned to Gwyneth Paltrow for inspiration and she definitely delivered. This soup is filling, quick, tasty and contains one of my favourite vegetables: Chard! This recipe is from her book ‘It’s All Good’, it is my new favourite lunch for work. I urge you to try it.

Bean and chard soup

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Crispy Cajun Chicken Bites (GF)

Happy Easter! I’ve been lacking on the seasonal recipe front but I have seen some delicious recipes around, like Jenn’s hot cross scones.

These babies are gluten free which is a bonus because I LOVE crispy chicken, whether it be breadcrumbs or other coatings. These are so simple and are made with store cupboard staples, the perfect lazy dinner option. If Cajun isn’t your thing you can swap for any spices you’d prefer.

Cajun bites

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Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes!

So, Tuesday will bring with it one of my favourite days of the year, Pancake Day! I love pancakes, they are somewhat of a household tradition and I can’t wait for the excuse to have then for dinner, DINNER!, on Tuesday.

We are half way through our packing, ready to move on Saturday, needless to say new recipes and blogging has taken a back seat, but don’t worry once we’re settled I’ll be posting regularly (I know, but try not to worry too much ;)).

I couldn’t resist the chance to share with you my a round up of pancake recipes though!

We’ll be having my favourite gluten free pancakes but with a topping inspired by this baked apple and cinnamon Dutch pancake (which I love but you don’t get the pancake flipping antics that are a must on pancake day). For the gluten free people out there, gluten free flour actually makes really good pancakes. Hallelujah!


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Mint Choc Brownies

I thought things were supposed to calm down after Christmas! They have not. We have found a new place to live though and move in less than 4 weeks! Maybe March will be quieter?

Back to Christmas though (seems so long ago already), I spent the whole festive period dreaming about and wanting to make these brownies. I’ve been on a mint choc ride these past few months since making some peppermint bark (which I still haven’t shared with you, I’m sorry, maybe next Christmas!) for my Christmas hampers. However, I never got the chance to make them, I had the ingredients ready and everything. So, once we got home, after spending Christmas and Hogmanay in Scotland, I set about beginning my ‘healthy 2016’ with a batch of these… The year doesn’t start until we go back to work right?!

Mint choc brownie

I spotted the recipe on In Jennie’s Kitchen (a ‘go to’ blog of mine) and just switched the flour to gluten free flour. Jennie does have a recipe for grain free peppermint brownies though, if you are so inclined.

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French Onion Soup

Hello 2016! I don’t like January usually, it is cold and going back to work after a break always seems like such a struggle but I am slowly getting back into my routine. In times like these we need soup and specifically this soup. James’ dad cooked this for our NYE starter and I had forgotten how much I love this soup and wondered why I’d never made it before. I resolved to make it and we had it for dinner after the first dreaded day at work of the year. The thought of it kept me going all day at work. It was scrumptious. It takes a little time but most of that time you can be getting on with other things. You mustn’t rush the onions though, no no no.

 I made this version gluten free (using gluten free flour and bread) but you can use plain if you’d rather. I received a make your own halloumi kit for Christmas (it is amazing!) and saved the whey as advised to use in cooking pasta, rice and stocks, so I put a cup in my soup because it is full of protein. Recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food.

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