Rose and Pistachio Victoria Sandwich

What a crazy summer it has been, Clinical Scientist training finished and today I registered at yet another uni to begin my PGCE. It’s been quiet on the blogging front (and even in the kitchen I am sad to say) due to finishing one training, undertaking a 3 month course ready for my next training alongside and all the fun summer brings. One particularly glorious summer’s day was spent undertaking a morning run with a friend and then guilt free brunch, endless tea and cake and lots of puppy cuddles. This was the cake I made and it was a big hit. I’d been dreaming this up in my head for some time and it was the perfect occasion. I based it on Mary Berry’s traditional Victoria sandwich recipe.


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Strawberry and Basil Jam

Strawberry season is here, wooohooooo! I vowed at the beginning of the year that this year I would make strawberry jam, once the season was upon us. Get ready for a selection of strawberry based recipes. It is no secret that I loooooooovveeee the combination of strawberry and basil; basil MIGHT be my favourite herb but it has serious competition from coriander and rosemary, oh and mint. What is your favourite herb? It’s like choosing between children right?!

Strawberry Basil Jam .jpeg

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Christmas Jam

I don’t like to reveal my Christmas hamper recipes before Christmas but it’d be cruel not to share this Christmas jam recipe with you, so that you can munch away on festive toast after opening your advent calendar each morning. I based this on a recipe I found on the BBC good food website and jazzed it up a bit with some fresh cranberries and orange zest.

Christmas jam.jpeg

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Christmas Gift Guide for the foodie in your life

I come from a family of foodies and given that I write a food blog you’d be right in assuming that I am one too. Are you a foodie surrounded by other foodies and stumped for gift ideas? Or, are you completely disinterested in food but know someone who’s entire life revolves around cooking and eating it? Then look no further, Christmas is sussed.

This tiered cake stand is utterly beautiful, available at Oliver Bonas, it is white marble and copper perfection, swoon.

Double Tiered Marble Cake Stand


These M&S cake tins are so eye catching and I adore the scalloped edges.

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Nectarine & Rosemary Gin Jam

The closing of summer means that soon all the season’s delicious fruits will be going out of season and before we know it winter will be here. Not to be depressing, winter has beauty too and nearly all of my favourite flavours (ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, mulled wine, gingerbread, brandy drenched Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and home made mincemeat) are associated with winter. The end of summer traditionally saw everyone preserving all the fruit of the season, often in jams; so here is my goodbye to summer, some beautifully bright jam.

Nectarines have been in season and seem to be a bargain everywhere, so I’ve been getting them when I can, peeling, dicing them and then freezing them until I had ~1 kg to make jam with. Soft fruits like nectarines are easier to peel if  they are ripe and you blanch them in boiling water.


Nectarine and rosemary just feel like a natural flavour combination to me, and I do love a boozy jam. I’ve had a bottle of rosemary gin on the side for months and thought a (large) dash in my nectarine jam would go down well.

I promise next year I will really work on my photography, there is no natural light where we live and I never have time to get anything more than a quick snap. One day though, one day. Also, can we take a minute to appreciate the hexaganol jar? A seriously underrated jar shape if you ask me, and my personal favourite; they are more efficient with regards to storage space than round jars and their tessellation pleases me greatly. A absolutely do not need to get out more.

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