Christmas Pudding Vodka

I’ve made this as a Christmas gift this year and thought I should share the idea in case you were looking for a way to spice up your festive drinks cabinet. I’m a mulled wine or sloe gin kind of girl but the vodka drinkers shouldn’t be left out during the festive season, so this one is for them. It is great because it only takes a few days, unlike other festive booze which can take months (i.e. sloe gin – I can’t wait to drink mine, it is now a deep red colour, it looks gorgeous!!!).I only really drink in December, I just love all the festive drinks on offer.

Christmas pudding vodka.jpeg

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Feta & Cranberry Rice Salad

I’ve been on the search for new lunches, healthy but filling and tasty. Rice salads have been ticking those boxes recently. I’ve also had a real thing for feta, ever since eating an absolutely divine spinach, feta and pine nut pie several weeks ago. I spotted this recipe online but decided to add a tin of sweetcorn and a bag of spinach into the mix. I loved that besides the cooking of the rice this can all be made in a couple of minutes, making week day lunch meal prep much easier to fit into a weekend. The recipe serves 4 but I stretched it to 5, so I had a lunch for every day of the working week. It was delicious hot or cold; on colder days I microwaved it for a couple of minutes, the melted feta was divine.

Feta salad

I’m also a huge fan of dried cranberries so this recipe was definitely a winner in my eyes.

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Fruit & Honey Flapjacks

I went for dinner at my dearest Jenny’s house a couple of weeks ago and her mum had baked something delicious. They were flapjacks but they were fruity and delicious and I needed the recipe ASAP. Luckily she obliged but of course I changed it up a bit, I’m so pro real butter but I was using these for my ‘healthy’ mid morning snack so I subbed the sugar for honey. The recipe was half honey and half sugar but I made it all honey. I know that sugar is sugar is sugar but I just feel better when the bees made it. Oh, I also subbed half the dried apricots for dried cranberries because I really love dried cranberries.

Fruit & Honey Flapjacks

These are the perfect balance of nutrition and naughty, in my eyes, they are packed with fruit, seeds and nuts but also have that sweet, buttery deliciousness. These may be good for you but I’m not deluded that they are healthy in the sense that if you are torn between a banana or this, have the banana, but if you are torn between the triple layer chocolate fudge cake or the fruity flapjack then this is the choice to make because IT IS DELICIOUS. Unfortunately I was just sent a photo of the recipe so I am unable to credit it but I will do so as soon as I find it!

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Wild Rice Salad

I’ve been looking for new, healthy lunches to take to work. Something that isn’t too time/effort consuming to make but that is nutritious. I turned to Deliciously Ella‘s cookbook and spotted this salad made with black rice and pine nuts; I was sold. Black rice most definitely isn’t photogenic but when paired with some steamed veg it makes for a tasty lunch. I changed quantities and ratios in the recipe to my tastes but the basic ingredients are the same.

Wild Rice Salad

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Strawberry Buttermilk Cake with Basil Streusel Topping

Let’s talk about streusel, I have only just realised it was basically crumble. The recipes I’ve glanced over and not read because it said streusel when I absolutely LOVE crumble but didn’t know is a little painful but I have been enlightened after spotting this beaut of a recipe from Brooklyn Homemaker; I’ve mixed it up a bit by doubling the amount of fruit (but halving the variety, I only used strawberries) and making it gluten free. The combination of basil and strawberries is one of my favourites and it is some coincidence that I went back to the place where I first ever tried the combination (Edinburgh, we’re holidaying there again this week) the day before spotting this recipe. Fate.


Also, photographing in natural light (we live in a basement flat) as we we’re staying with James’ family was a delight, at 8pm there was still enough light to get a decent photo. Bliss.

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