Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pie

I’m not going to lie, by the time it gets to Friday I am exhausted. I want to curl up on the sofa with James and nod off in front of the TV or a book; if I am awake past 10:30 pm I am impressed. I imagine the getting up at 6:15 am and 3 hours of commuting every day is what probably does it. Friday night dinners therefore need to be comforting, filling (so that hunger isn’t likely to wake me up early in the morning) and a tiny bit naughty, a treat for making it through the week and all its obligations.

Chick, Bacon & Leek Pie

This past Friday I decided to make this and I am so glad we have leftovers for another night because it performed all its tasks admirably, it tasted delicious and far more indulgent that it was. This is evident by the poor quality of photos because I just wanted to get that pie in my face!

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Bolognese Pie

Winter is here, well not officially here but that cold nip is in the air and that means it is time for some warming, home cooked dinners. Bolognese is a favourite in our household but I am trying to eat less (gluten free) pasta and stick to more unprocessed foods. I thought about serving Bolognese on a baked potato but something about cold weather makes me want to have a big pot of something in the oven. This may seem to be a rehash of cottage pie and that is because it is but in my opinion much nicer. I’m not much of a cottage pie fan if I’m honest. The great thing about this is it made enough for the both of us, with left overs for tomorrow and a couple spare for lunches at work.

Bolognese pie

I always find Bolognese tastes best made a day or two before, it saves some time too if you make it in advance. I made this sauce on Wednesday night, ready for a speedier dinner on Friday night. A decision I was mightily thankful for when I got in from work after a chilly bike ride home.

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Grilled Basil Pork Steaks with Pesto Mash

Given that I am a huge fan of basil, in both sweet and savoury settings, I immediately wanted to cook this dish after seeing the recipe for the grilled pork on Paleo Leap (A fantastic resource for all things paleo). I was also pleased they’d used pork as it is a meat that I don’t cook enough and I have been looking for new ways to cook it. A great bonus was the left over pork steak which I had chopped up on my salad at lunch the next day, delicious even when cold.

I’d come up with the idea (I know many other people before me must have done this very thing but it had never occurred to me before) a few weeks ago about using pesto in mashed potato and was eager to try it out; these pork steaks seemed to be the perfect pairing. The pesto mash moment was an inspired one for me, due to my very strong feelings about pesto. I love it and highly recommend you try some on toast, yum!

Grilled Basil Pork with pesto mash

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