Banana Choconut Milkshake

This weekend I have been sick with a horrible cold/sore throat/sinus related barrel of fun. Confined to my bed I found myself wanting a treat, eating dairy when unwell isn’t overly advisable though and I wanted something a little more nutritious to help me on my road to recovery. I knocked this up for James and I (we both had the dreaded lurgy, our place has not been a healthy place this week, let’s leave it at that) and it hit the spot; before I promptly fell back into a semi-sleep state coupled with a head feeling like it was full of lead, downing cups of lemsip rotated with hot lemon, honey and ginger.


This definitely cheered me up, even if I still felt pretty terrible.

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Hazelnut Milk

Flavour of the century: Noisette, noisette, noisette. Always noisette.

It is the bane of my weekly shop having to trek across town to a well known supermarket just to buy hazelnut milk. As such when ‘Homemade with Love – Jennifer Perillo‘ arrived in my life (and completely changed it, yes I feel that strongly) with a recipe for homemade cashew milk and various nut butters I was just in equally amounts awe and nirvana. I assumed nut milks were nut milks and that simply switching cashews for hazelnuts would do the trick, and thankfully it does. Armed with the most abominably cute milk bottles I set to work.

hazelnut milk

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