Crispy Oven Chips

Confession: Chips aren’t my favourite potato dish; I rank baked potato as my absolute favourite, then I’d say mashed but I do adore these chips above all chips. They are how my mum makes them and a great bonus is they are low in fat. It was a recipe my mum found many moons ago from Weight Watchers.

A word about Marmite: This dish par boils the chips in water with a teaspoon of Marmite, which means that the chips are lovely and crispy with an intrinsic saltiness about them. I feel neutral about Marmite, I like to lick the spoon after stirring the Marmite into the water to make these chips but that’s it with me and Marmite. So, I don’t love it (but I love these chips) or hate it. I’m rebellious that way. chips Continue reading