The Best Gluten Free Pancakes

The title might be a bold statement but I challenge you to make them and then get back to me. It is no secret I love pancakes, all varieties, goodness knows there are enough pancake recipes on this blog; however, when it comes to plain old pancakes to dress up as you please, that are light and fluffy but not too thin, these are your babies. Whether you eat gluten or not, this recipe is a winner.


If you like you could sub the gluten free for normal flour and the almond milk for any milk of your choice.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet potatoes are pretty versatile creatures, they taste great with cajun spices as wedges, mashed and baked but it isn’t just a savoury life they lead, oh no, there is a world of sweet potatoes sweets out there too. There are sweet potato brownies or maple and pecan sweet potato ice cream, or in this case, sweet potato pancakes. They might not look so pretty but they were a tasty and made for a healthy version of pancakes with bacon¬†and maple¬†syrup; a winning combination with any pancake form! Alas, they were not the most photogenic member of the pancake family, but hey, they have a great personality.

Sweet Potato Pancakes


These were made from a recipe I found on Paleo Grubs.

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Berry Baked Pancakes

Flavour of the moment: The sweetness of baked fruit. I decided to make these because I feel too naughty having fruit crumble for breakfast. This is a feeling my sister doesn’t share as she tucked into apple pie and ice cream for breakfast the other morning; she’s even more of a role model to me now.

Exciting new cook book: ‘Joy the Baker Cookbook – Joy Wilson’. I wanted this book for a while and finally caved the other week, if you haven’t checked out Joy’s blog you then you most definitely should. She is a goddess.

Speaking of said blog, I stumbled across this the other day and decided I loved the idea of the berries but would prefer them baked and using that recipe as a base I began adapting, just a little.

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Dutch Pancakes

My favourite new tradition: Saturday morning pancakes, since James has moved in every Saturday’s breakfast has been pancakes and I am not complaining. They’ve been a different type of pancake each time too, I wonder how many varieties are out there?

Today’s pancake variety was Dutch pancakes, these are baked in the oven and you have one very large and delicious pancake to yourself. I stumbled across these in (no surprises here) ‘A Homemade Life – Molly Wizenberg‘ and made a mental note to try them soon and low and behold a Saturday appeared in my week just begging me to make them. What are the chances?!

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Buckwheat Pancakes

Flavour combination that you just can’t beat: light airy pancakes with maple syrup. Pancake Saturday is a tradition in our house and I just love it.

These pancakes are a recipe by Orangette and feature in her book ‘A Homemade Life’. Molly said that buckwheat makes for some of the lightest pancakes she’s ever had and I just knew I had to make them. They most definitely did not disappoint, they were divine. Even more exciting was the arrival of my skillet this week after MONTHS of wanting one. Its first outing was to make these pancakes, a good omen I feel.


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