Dairy Free Victoria Sandwich

I wanted to bake a cake to take into work on Friday but the particular group had a couple of lactose intolerant members so it had to be dairy free. I had limited time so couldn’t do anything too creative and decided on a tradiational Victoria Sandwich. I was nervous about cooking with dairy free margarine but luckily it came out passable. I didn’t much fancy making buttercream with marge so opted to buy diary free ready made buttercream instead. I did make the jam in the middle though (strawberry and basil) so I didn’t cheat completely. The fruit on the top was intentionally representing the vertical angles theorem (don’t ask) and I hoped some fresh fruit would hide the lack of real butter somehow.


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Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Hello!! I haven’t blogged in weeks and I have missed it (I’m making the most of this extra day we have!). We’ve moved house, unpacked (almost, we’re waiting on a book case and an arm chair) and I have handed in my masters thesis (whilst working too); it has been a busy few weeks. We’re in our new home though and I am besotted, I love it here. I am equally besotted with this ice cream. I would never order raspberry ripple given the choice but this home made version made with fresh raspberries is ABSOLUTELY divine. Perhaps my favourite ice cream flavour of all the flavours that I have ever made.


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Rose & Honey Victoria Sandwich Cake

I’ve had a bottle of rose water on a shelf in the kitchen for the longest time, waiting for a recipe to inspire me to use it. Then, as I was drooling at all the stunning photographs on Twigg Studios (her photos are always so heartbreakingly beautiful), I spotted her recipe for blossom honey Victoria sponge with rose petal jam. Whilst I didn’t have rose petal jam, I had a jar of raspberry & rose geranium jam made by my jam queen of a sister (it is seriously delicious), that I knew would be perfect in this cake. Whilst usually against adding sugar/sweeteners of any kind to fresh cream, I gave adding honey a try (admittedly a little less than the original recipe) and it was very tasty indeed.


I used to find floral flavours a little off-putting but then my sister made that delicious jam and all was changed, cemented by some divine rose ice cream homemade by a local cafe/restaurant. I used gluten free self-raising flour and it came out pretty well considering that some gluten-free cakes are crumbly and a little dry (I did add in a tsp of xantham gum to help it along though). Continue reading

Vanilla & Raspberry Ricotta Bundt Cake (GF)

A few weeks ago, a colleague at work retired and several of us baked cakes for a farewell get together. I love using ricotta, creme fraiche, sour cream etc in cakes, it always makes such a delicious and moist cake, even with gluten free flour. The glaze was amazing, such a vanilla hit and so creamy too, I’ll definitely be making it again.

Ricotta 2The cake certainly went down at an alarming rate, which can only be a positive thing. I also received a comic marriage proposal due to it, so that’s definitely a good sign that it was tasty. On the subject of bundt cakes, I mentioned in my previous post (Maple Gingerbread Cake) about lusting after the new Nordic Ware square bundt tin; well, having completed my exams, I caved and bought it after tracking one down online, to celebrate. I cannot wait for it to arrive and try out all the bundt cake recipes in one of my new cook books, Cake Keeper Cakes. Another one to add to my growing cake tin collection!

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Berry Baked Pancakes

Flavour of the moment: The sweetness of baked fruit. I decided to make these because I feel too naughty having fruit crumble for breakfast. This is a feeling my sister doesn’t share as she tucked into apple pie and ice cream for breakfast the other morning; she’s even more of a role model to me now.

Exciting new cook book: ‘Joy the Baker Cookbook – Joy Wilson’. I wanted this book for a while and finally caved the other week, if you haven’t checked out Joy’s blog you then you most definitely should. She is a goddess.

Speaking of said blog, I stumbled across this the other day and decided I loved the idea of the berries but would prefer them baked and using that recipe as a base I began adapting, just a little.

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