Banana Choconut Milkshake

This weekend I have been sick with a horrible cold/sore throat/sinus related barrel of fun. Confined to my bed I found myself wanting a treat, eating dairy when unwell isn’t overly advisable though and I wanted something a little more nutritious to help me on my road to recovery. I knocked this up for James and I (we both had the dreaded lurgy, our place has not been a healthy place this week, let’s leave it at that) and it hit the spot; before I promptly fell back into a semi-sleep state coupled with a head feeling like it was full of lead, downing cups of lemsip rotated with hot lemon, honey and ginger.


This definitely cheered me up, even if I still felt pretty terrible.

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Cacao & Hazelnut Spread

Nutella, being chocolate and hazelnut i.e. my two most favourite flavours ever, is one of my weaknesses. I dream about the stuff. Unfortunately, despite marketing itself as a healthy and nutritious breakfast toast topping of choice for children, it really isn’t. I’ve been wanting to make my own ‘healthier’ chocolate and hazelnut spread for a while and when I got my hands on Deliciously Ella’s cookbook, I was excited to see the recipe in there. I’d seen the recipe on her blog before but never got around to making it. Having some time off of work though, meant I finally did get around to making it. Oh wow. It is delicious; it is hard to believe that this is the healthy nutritious version, it is to die for. It’s vegan friendly and gluten free too.


On the subject of nutritious and delicious, if you’re looking for a cookbook of ridiculously tasty food that will make your body feel great, look no further; Ella has you covered. Ella uses raw cacao in this recipe, an ingredient I’m using more and more. It is jam packed with minerals and antioxidants, Ella has written a whole post on it, if you’d like some more information. I used raw cacao in my last batch of brownies, its a change you’ll never regret. It might seem slightly pricey but actually it works out much better as you use far less (half the quantity of normal cocoa if substituting). You can find raw cacao in most whole food stores and online.

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Almond Milk Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacao

I don’t know where I’d have been these last few weeks without hot chocolate. It is has been getting cold outside and life has been busy. James and I have been on some lovely coffee shop dates though, that have been so very needed, for quality time together (and sanity) with a shared slice of cake. I’m completely in love with Hot Chocolate Orange and I was lucky to get a free sample of a Black Forest Hot Chocolate. I’ve still got Praline Cappuccino and Gingerbread Latte on my to try list though, thank the lord for loyalty cards. Sadly though, hot chocolate is not great for health or the waistline.

This hot chocolate though, is a gift from the gods. It is rich, creamy, decadent and nutritious. The recipe is courtesy of Deliciously Ella (an incredible blog, if you haven’t already checked it out) and I’ve been meaning to try it for ages; I can’t believe I’ve missed out on so many weeks of having this in my life. You can buy almond milk in the shops but it is easy enough to make your own. I posted a recipe for hazelnut milk (which would also be great in this) but if you substitute almonds for the hazelnuts then, voila, almond milk.

Hot chocolate

One more thing, this mug is one I spent ten months pining for and I’m delighted it is finally mine! As for the rest of the collection

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