Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (no churn)

When I spotted this recipe of the fabulous Flick’s diamond of a blog (see what I did there?), I knew I would love this ice cream as much as she did and filed it away for when the time was right (go and check her gorgeous blog out right now!). The right time turned out to be Mother’s Day (in fact any day and any time is the right time for this ice cream). It is SO rich but in THE BEST way possible. It also does not require the use of an ice cream maker, unlike the other ice cream recipes I have shared, so it is accessible to everyone, hallelujah!

Red wine choc ice cream

I must apologise to Flick for totally, accidentally, stealing her photograph it in a wine glass idea. When making it I just scrolled to the bottom and skimmed the recipe part of the post (having read it already months previously) and then realising I’d run out of tubs big enough, put it in a loaf tin (as I’d remembered Flick had done, genius idea). Continue reading


Poached Pears

Since I made these last week, I am unashamed to say that I have had them almost every night since. We’ve both had a cold this week and these poached pears with ice cream have healing powers, I am sure of it.


I’ve been on a cooked pear frenzy ever since I had a delicious pear and chocolate pudding a few weeks ago (which I forgot to photograph before my family devoured the entire thing, so I will have to make another one, sigh) and this dish is just the perfect dessert for the changing of the seasons, now that the weather has turned (plus is it is a little less naughty than some).

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Sausage Casserole

There is a farmers market once a month, around the corner from us and the butcher there makes THE BEST sausages that I’ve ever eaten. Usually I can take or leave sausages but these are just amazing. The month between the last two markets had me counting down the days until I could get my hands on some more. We bought pork and apple sausages to make for breakfast one day and some pork and leek to have in lunch/dinner dishes (plus some sausage meat for sausage rolls!). I wanted to make a dish that put sausages centre stage in the dish and James had been mentioning sausage casserole over the last few weeks (not so subtle hints!). I did a quick Google search and out popped Jamie Oliver’s recipe, I tweaked it a fair bit but the general ingredients are the same. I added more vegetables and left out the porcini mushrooms (because I didn’t have any) and breadcrumbs. It was a deliciously comforting dish.


When it comes to cooking this, I cooked it for about 3 hours, a couple at 150°C and the last at 180°C. Jamie’s recipe cooks it at 200°C for 40 minutes. If you have the time a slow cook brings out the flavours beautifully but if you’re pushed for time, go for the 40 minute option.

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Honey Glazed Red Cabbage

It is no secret that I love vegetables, and red cabbage is one of my favourite. My absolute favourite way of cooking red cabbage is Venetian cabbage soup but this is a fantastic festive red cabbage recipe, perfect for the Christmas dinner table. Christmas is really just around the corner and gosh, I am so excited! Christmas is just the the most amazing time of year and the food (and mulled wine) is one of the best parts of it. This recipe is from my new Christmas cook book.


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Bolognese Pie

Winter is here, well not officially here but that cold nip is in the air and that means it is time for some warming, home cooked dinners. Bolognese is a favourite in our household but I am trying to eat less (gluten free) pasta and stick to more unprocessed foods. I thought about serving Bolognese on a baked potato but something about cold weather makes me want to have a big pot of something in the oven. This may seem to be a rehash of cottage pie and that is because it is but in my opinion much nicer. I’m not much of a cottage pie fan if I’m honest. The great thing about this is it made enough for the both of us, with left overs for tomorrow and a couple spare for lunches at work.

Bolognese pie

I always find Bolognese tastes best made a day or two before, it saves some time too if you make it in advance. I made this sauce on Wednesday night, ready for a speedier dinner on Friday night. A decision I was mightily thankful for when I got in from work after a chilly bike ride home.

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