Patty Pan Stuffed with Spinach & Ricotta Risotto

We are fully into that autumn vibe (and I can feel in my bones that Christmas is coming, is that just me…?), to celebrate this ‘autumness’ I cooked up this dish, inspired by a couple of mini patty pan that appeared in my weekly veg box delivery and a delicious meal my sister cooked me a couple of years ago.


For me this is the ultimate indulgence, the ricotta (bonus points if you make your own) makes it so creamy and delicious; it being served in an adorable pumpkin like vessel is the icing on the top(or bottom I guess).

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Bacon, Asparagus & Pea Risotto and Gibbon Conservation

Hello everyone! On the off chance you had noticed that I haven’t posted in a while, the past two weeks I’ve been working away in London and catching up with many lovely friends in the evening. I didn’t have a kitchen when staying in London and even though I came home in the weekend between (to see Foo Fighters play Milton Keynes – a bucket list item for sure), eating out for every lunch and dinner got old very quickly. I did manage five pre 7 am runs along the beautiful Southbank of the Thames (see my Instagram) though, my favourite part of London.


On a related note, tomorrow I am running the first of two runs for a charity called The Aspinall Foundation, who do amazing animal conservation work, this particular run is for their Gibbon projects (the most endangered primate). If animals are your thing then a donation, no matter how large or small would be hugely appreciated by the animals and myself. The first run is a 5 km fun run and the second is a 10 km run in October (my longest official run to date, eek!).

The recipe inspiration is courtesy of Jam and Clotted Cream, such a simple but delicious combination of flavours with the genius addition of clotted cream at the end, risotto is comfort food at its finest!

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Lemony Spring Baked Risotto

Spring has sprung here in beautifully sunny Scotland, lovely weather for our final day of holiday here. The perfect spring day for a very spring inspired dish.

I have become somewhat of a savoury lemon fiend as of late, especially when combined with Parmesan. Lemon pasta, Lemon & Parmesan broccoli (by the bowl full) and I’ve been craving lemon risotto for a long time. I decided that is was time to fulfill that craving last week but to mix up that baked lemon risotto recipe, from a side dish into a main and throw in some chicken and spring vegetables. Oh man, it was good. I wish I could get the photo to convey how lemony the dish was, but short of dyeing it yellow, it just isn’t possible. It was so lemony and delicious and combined with the Parmesan, just wow. Even better is that it’s an oven risotto, so it doesn’t need constantly stirring.

Spring risotto

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Chorizo, Red Wine & Pea Risotto

I was at a friend’s one day, having a cuppa and catch up, when a TV chef whipped up this delicious risotto. By the time it had been cooked the talking had stopped and we were drooling at the TV screen. We decided to cook it that night for dinner and one of my favourite risottos came into being! I love this dish because it is so Halloweeny,;the purple of the rice from the wine and the bright green of the peas, it looks a little like a meal a child has drawn but it tastes very grown up,I promise! Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the chef or who’s recipe this was.

Chorizo risotto

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Butternut Squash, Sage & Goat’s Cheese Risotto

Butternut squash risotto

Since deciding to make this last week I have been counting down the days until risotto day. When I was a student at uni, risotto was a staple at our house. You could almost guarantee that someone was cooking it every night. The flavour combinations were endless. This one, or variations of this, were always a firm favourite at this time of year and I have to say, today was the perfect day for a risotto. Nothing warms you up after a day in an office with no heating and a cycle home in the rain, than risotto. There is something very therapeutic about making risotto, once you’ve prepared your ingredients then it is just 20 minutes of you and the pan, you just keep stirring. It is a real time out because all you can do is stand there and stir. There’s something being said for that, 20 minutes to yourself and the promise of a delicious, warming dinner afterwards.

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