Sticky Toffee Pudding

Flavour of the moment: Toffee. The stickier the better. (And dates, I just adore them, nature’s sweets).

Book of the day/future blog post: Homemade Life: Stories from my kitchen table. – Molly Wizenberg. I’ve finally got my hands on this book and whilst on my holiday will be reading it. Molly Wizenberg is the creator of Orangette, one of my favourite food blogs. I cannot wait to have read it and do a post on all my favourite Orangette recipes, recipes I want to try and of course a little about the book. I am anticipating severe life envy.

On Wednesday I made a belated Valentine’s dinner for my lovely man. The main course was delicious and I promise to blog about it soon (it was so good in fact we are going to make it for my grandparents next week). However, dessert is always the highlight of a meal for me and this was no exception. This is a recipe from a friend of mine (her sister to be precise) and is an old fool proof favourite. I sadly don’t know where the recipe originated from, if you happen to know where this recipe is from please let me know because I would love to credit the owner/creator. Continue reading