Sausage, Sweet Potato and Brussel Sprout Hash

I can only apologise for not sharing this recipe sooner, you need it in your life. It is so simple, delicious and adaptable; it was a revelation. I spotted the recipe on Alaska from Scratch and decided to give it a try because I love brussel sprouts and James loves sweet potato and sausages. I couldn’t quite see how brussel sprouts and sweet potato would go together  but I put my faith in the balsamic vinegar and olive oil and went for it. My faith was not misplaced, it was incredible and we’ve had it 5 times since and I made it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I want to roast everything in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Sausage hash

When it comes to both (balsamic and olive oil), they really are worth spending a little more on, particularly the balsamic in my opinion. As an aside, a little splash of balsamic on some fresh strawberries is a beautiful thing, trust me.

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Wild Garlic Pesto

I can claim absolutely no credit for this post but it is just too damn tasty not to share. I saw the recipe on ‘Top With Cinnamon‘ and knew I had to make it; I am definitely a member of the pesto fan club and James loves sweet potato. As it happens, I’m also a huge gnocchi fan and I have to say, perhaps disloyally to the versatile and delicious white potato, that sweet potato gnocchi is pretty damn fine. I very slightly altered the pesto recipe but nothing major. I also microwaved the potatoes until cooked, instead of baking them because I was short on time. It seemed to work fine!

Spg (1)

Top With Cinnamon is an amazing blog, with food photographs that make me want to cry with envy, you should definitely go and check it out!

Gnocchi is a great thing to make in bulk and freeze in portions to have on hand for a quick and easy meal. It cooks from frozen in a matter of minutes.

A note on wild garlic: IT IS DELICIOUS, it is beautifully peppery. Try it.

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Basil Spelt Gnocchi

My first introduction to home made gnocchi was at university when my housemate made some, it was a revelation; so simple but so tasty. We must have made it a hundred times between us since then. I’ve made it less since cutting gluten out of my diet but since after trying a few gluten free versions, I couldn’t find a recipe I liked. If you have one, please share! Most of the time I don’t eat gluten but occasionally I do but I try to stick to more ‘ancient’ grains as they seem to have less effect on my blood sugar. It might be psychological but there may be science behind it, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. My flour of choice on occasions like this is spelt flour, especially wholegrain spelt flour because it has such a great flavour. I love using it in crumbles, as well as this gnocchi recipe. Whilst I’d highly recommend using spelt flour, this recipe works fine with plain flour too.

BS gnocchi

This gnocchi works amazingly in courgette gratin gnocchi. It freezes well too, so I always make enough for 4 and freeze 2 portions. If you have the luxury of freezer space, freeze them on a baking tray first, before placing them in a freezer bag. I never seem to have freezer space and just freeze them in the bag, they come unstuck when you cook them.

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Sweet Potato Cakes

After the excesses of Christmas I was looking for a nutritious light meal to make and turned to Deliciously Ella, a blog with endless delicious and nutritious recipes. Ella Woodward (writer of Deliciously Ella) has her first cookbook coming out this month, I’ve pre-ordered it and I am eagerly anticipating its arrival! Sweet potatoes are very popular in our household, whilst I still have a soft spot for normal potatoes, J loves sweet potato and I can’t deny how fantastically good they are for you. I first spotted this recipe on the Deliciously Ella app and couldn’t wait to try it. One sweet potato cake with a salad makes a great light meal and two with salad or vegetables would be a great and filling meal. We ate these with a baby leaf salad and a tahini dressing (tahini, lemon juice and a drop of water).

Sweet potato cakes

It was a huge hit and we saved the other two for the next day’s dinner, as we knew we were going out for a big lunch with family. I’ll definitely be making these again soon, it is nice to have a few more lunch options.

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Sweet Potato, Coconut & Chili Soup

This soup is such a treat, the coconut milk and chili give it that oriental edge and it is really good for you too! I first tried it when it caught my eye in a supermarket, in the fresh soup section and having tried and loved it, I vowed to make my own. I found this recipe online and used it as a starting point, not much needed changing at all, but I did add a little extra chili. I love how vibrant this soup looks and how creamy it tastes. I know some people think of soup as a winter thing, but this is a summer soup, if ever I saw one.

Sweet Potato, Coconut & Chili Soup

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