Dairy Free Victoria Sandwich

I wanted to bake a cake to take into work on Friday but the particular group had a couple of lactose intolerant members so it had to be dairy free. I had limited time so couldn’t do anything too creative and decided on a tradiational Victoria Sandwich. I was nervous about cooking with dairy free margarine but luckily it came out passable. I didn’t much fancy making buttercream with marge so opted to buy diary free ready made buttercream instead. I did make the jam in the middle though (strawberry and basil) so I didn’t cheat completely. The fruit on the top was intentionally representing the vertical angles theorem (don’t ask) and I hoped some fresh fruit would hide the lack of real butter somehow.


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Rose and Pistachio Victoria Sandwich

What a crazy summer it has been, Clinical Scientist training finished and today I registered at yet another uni to begin my PGCE. It’s been quiet on the blogging front (and even in the kitchen I am sad to say) due to finishing one training, undertaking a 3 month course ready for my next training alongside and all the fun summer brings. One particularly glorious summer’s day was spent undertaking a morning run with a friend and then guilt free brunch, endless tea and cake and lots of puppy cuddles. This was the cake I made and it was a big hit. I’d been dreaming this up in my head for some time and it was the perfect occasion. I based it on Mary Berry’s traditional Victoria sandwich recipe.


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Rose & Honey Victoria Sandwich Cake

I’ve had a bottle of rose water on a shelf in the kitchen for the longest time, waiting for a recipe to inspire me to use it. Then, as I was drooling at all the stunning photographs on Twigg Studios (her photos are always so heartbreakingly beautiful), I spotted her recipe for blossom honey Victoria sponge with rose petal jam. Whilst I didn’t have rose petal jam, I had a jar of raspberry & rose geranium jam made by my jam queen of a sister (it is seriously delicious), that I knew would be perfect in this cake. Whilst usually against adding sugar/sweeteners of any kind to fresh cream, I gave adding honey a try (admittedly a little less than the original recipe) and it was very tasty indeed.


I used to find floral flavours a little off-putting but then my sister made that delicious jam and all was changed, cemented by some divine rose ice cream homemade by a local cafe/restaurant. I used gluten free self-raising flour and it came out pretty well considering that some gluten-free cakes are crumbly and a little dry (I did add in a tsp of xantham gum to help it along though). Continue reading