Hazelnut Pavlova

I, quite clearly, love hazelnut. I named my blog after it and hazelnuts feature in my favourite chocolate, ice cream and snacks. I’ve been meaning to make a hazelnut meringue for the longest time, after stock piling ground hazelnuts in my freezer from making hazelnut milk and having endless frozen egg whites to use up from making pasta.

I had family over for dinner this weekend and decided this was the perfect time to make a hazelnut meringue, but given that there were 10 of us, I simply had to make 3 meringues and turn them into a 3 tiered pavlova. I did three courses for the meal, a main and two desserts; baked bacon gnocchi, rhubarb & almond crumble cake and this.

hazelnut pavlova

I promised I’d reveal my favourite of Jenny Colgan’s books in this post, I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seat since then with breath held. I reveal its title with a warning that all you will want to do after reading it is go and live on an island and run a bakery. Drum roll please….. it is titled ‘The Little Beach Street Bakery’ and it is exquisite.

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Winning Hearts and Minds Cake

Word of the day: Indulgence. This is indulgence objectified.

This cake is one I mentioned in my Orangette fan girl post as high on my list of recipes from ‘A Homemade Life – Molly Wizenberg’ that I wanted to try. Molly is all about recipe sharing so I very much hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it with you. Molly loves this cake so much she baked several as her wedding cake. I figured this was a good omen to make it for dessert for James’ moving in meal and that James moving in was a good excuse for me to be able to make a decadent dessert. So here goes a recipe that will change your life….

hearts and minds 2

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