Apple and Cinnamon Bread

Flavour of the week: Cinnamon. Combined with apple, it really is a winning combination.

Over a year or two ago I started wanting to bake bread. Bread is such a weakness for me and there is nothing more satisfying than making your own. What finally got me to take the jump and make my own was stumbling across Wessex Mill‘s Apple and Cinnamon bread flour whilst at the local bakery. Luckily my first loaf was a success and I credit that to good quality flour (and luck). I highly recommend checking out the huge range of flours they offer, the 6 seed one is another favourite of mine and they also sell sourdough starters. I really do enjoy making (and eating) sourdough but it is a completely different beast to yeast bread. This post was prompted by making one of my best loaves yet and just having to take a picture of it in case I never managed to repeat it. As I’ve mentioned before I use Paul Hollywood’s Bread book for bread recipes. However, for sourdough I highly recommend this book. Sourdough is a whole new (and slower) world of baking but it really is worth the time involved as sourdough makes for such tasty bread (cakes, pancakes and pastries – many of which I’ve yet to attempt) and I will be sure to blog about sourdough in the future.

Wessex Mill is a UK based company and their products are available from their website or many UK farm shops (or their mill itself). Apologies to any international readers but I am sure there are a plethora of great flour mills and would love to hear about others around the world and here in the UK.

As for the inspiring loaf, here is it:

apple and cinnamon loaf

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