Christmas Gift Guide for the bookworm in your life

I love reading, I wish I made/had more time to read. Reading is my TV, I’d so much rather sit and read instead of watching TV but actually I very, very rarely just sit. I’m a bookworm wanna-be with a to-read pile taller than I am. I have admiration for ‘real’ bookworms, those people who you rarely see their face because there is a book in front of it. Whatever scale of a wann-be-to-faceless your book loving friend is, here’s a list of Christmas gift inspiration.

I have adored this bookmark for well over a year now, this hippo needs a book to wallow in, why not give it a home?

I have this mug, James bought me it. Also, my best friend requested it for Christmas (and she is definitely a legit bookworm).

Go Away I'm Reading Bone China Mug

How about a gift with a personal touch, cross-stitch a bookmark for a friend or relative (or if they are crafty, perhaps just the kit).

Bookworm Bookmark

Have their favourite book printed onto a poster. The guys over at Lithograph have got you covered.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Are they some who is currently reading approximately 100 books? These sticky bookmarks are essential. They are made by a great stationery company called Knock Knock . The company has stopped making them but you can still grab them on Amazon.

Do they have a favourite series of book but a mismatched collection (*cough* Harry Potter *cough*)? How about a beautiful matching box set?

Are they list writers (the kind of people I mentioned in the gardener’s gift guide)? Then a book journal would keep a list of all the books they’ve read in one, well ordered, place. This one is from Amazon but a quick Google search will find you many options.

Do you they read so much their hands hurt holding the book open (this is why I prefer paperback books)? Then a thumb thing is what you need!! They come in a range of sizes S-XL.

Perhaps they’ve done away with paper books altogether and read on a Kindle (other e-readers are available). What about a truly personalised kindle cover with a photograph of loved ones on it?

Maybe they’ve prefer a stick on ‘skin’ instead of a bulky cover? Decal Girl have this gorgeous cover, or you can, once again, upload your own photos to make a personalised gift.

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